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Top Tips For Recruiting (and Retaining!) Your Employees

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Here at Agricultural Recruitment Specialists we are sometimes asked by agricultural companies how is the best way to recruit and retain employees, so we thought that we would create a list of some of the best top tips that we advise any employers to use if they are looking to recruit and retain new staff.

  1. BE CLEAR AT INTERVIEW. There is no point in over-selling or over-glamorising any job. As, if you do this, then when the new employee starts, they will feel let down, disappointed and lied to. Make it clear from the start, not only the good bits of the potential job, but the worst and most difficult bits too. Potential employees will appreciate your realism and honesty and all expectations on the new job will be reasonable.
  2. DON’T BE SCARED. Never be scared of a potential employees experience, knowledge and skills. Some of the world’s biggest and most instrumental company Directors always advise hiring managers to employ people that are better than you. After all, you want the business to succeed don’t you? And you want to have been instrumental in doing it?
  3. BE ONE STEP AHEAD. The competition for the best staff out there is fierce. Always be one step ahead of your employees so that they are continually motivated and don’t start to wander elsewhere. Be the first to mention pay rises, new opportunities for career development, incentives, internal jobs arising, etc. Don’t ever wait for your employee to come to you first or for them to hand their notice in to be better incentivised by you.
  4. COMMUNICATE. Communication throughout the organisation is key and if every employee knows that they are instrumental to the businesses success and have a clear knowledge of where the company is going and how they are part of that, then they really will feel loyal to your organisation. Any loyal individual would never dream of leaving to go to a direct competitor.
  5. LISTEN. Everyone knows that the success of any organisation is dependent upon its employees. Encourage your staff to speak freely to you regarding any problems, new ideas, new approaches, innovations etc. Not only will you be a likeable and approachable employer, but you also may get new innovative ideas that could really make you stand out from your competitors and continually evolve for the future. No one wants to stand still, right?
  6. LEAD FROM THE FRONT. How can you possibly gain respect from an employee if you haven’t worn their shoes? The best managers that really hold onto their staff gain respect from leading from the front and being good at it! Employees want to work for people that they admire and respect. If you look up to someone and see them leading from the front, then you are more likely to want to be part of that team and achieve the businesses goals together.

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