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What NOT to say in an Initial Job Interview

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Interviews…..  The dreaded job interview…… The only thing standing in between you and your dream job! Palms sweating….. Waiting for news…… Often interviews are seen as the worst part of getting a new job however they are the most important process for any job seeker in the market.

We all know that a key part to a job interview is the preparation; this also involves preparation of what to say and what not to say!

As experienced Agricultural Recruitment Specialists, we strongly believe that here is a list of things NOT to say at your all-important initial job interview.

-          Do NOT ask what the company does and/or what the job is. Time is precious for both the interviewer and yourself. YOU SHOULD ALREADY KNOW THIS! - Have you really taken the time out to just turn up to the interview without thoroughly researching the role and making sure that it is right role for you? Are you really going to show that you lack any interest or professionalism to not have prepared thoroughly for this beforehand? YOU MUST PREPARE AND THOROUGHLY UNDERSTAND THE COMPANY AND ROLE IN AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE.

-          Do NOT bad mouth your current/past employers. Anyone who does this will be viewed as unprofessional and bitter by the interviewer. Turn the negative into a positive reason as to why you are now looking for a new opportunity. This is very important as to how you are perceived as a person.

-          Do NOT give just one word answers to questions. The best interviewees will not only answer the question asked, but will back it up by facts and/or examples. Expand on your answers of course staying relevant to the initial question.

-          Do NOT talk about the salary - Unless of course it is brought up by the potential employer. By talking about the salary, it may give the impression that all that you focus on is the money. Hence if another role comes up with more pay, you will be off to pursue it and won’t remain loyal to their business. Of course this is something to discuss further down the interview process but NOT at the initial interview unless it is brought up by the client.

-          Do NOT talk about how much holiday the role is offering. This can be a real turn off and may lead the interviewer to question your motivation, work ethic and drive.

-          Do NOT be silent when asked if you have any questions for them. YOU MUST prepare some questions for the interviewer. The people really interested in the job will have thought about the position in detail and surely will have some excellent questions to ask at the end of the interview.

It is very important that you think about how you are going to respond to difficult questions whilst remaining professional and answering the question. Take time to think about the most difficult questions that you could be asked about you, your current job and previous jobs. That way you will be a lot more prepared to answer them effectively and professionally.

Agricultural Recruitment Specialists offers fantastic support to all candidates that have interviews arranged with our clients and from years of experience and understanding clients feedback, we take very seriously that we want to help you to secure the job of your dreams! If you are a job seeker in the agricultural/horticultural/rural market, then please do not hesitate to visit our website  to see a range of exciting vacancies that we are currently working on. Alternatively, please call 01905 345 155 to speak to one of the Agricultural Recruitment Specialists team today and see how we can help you!

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