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Worst Mistakes That You Can Make On Your CV

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Are you a job hunter? If so, then no doubt you will be using your CV as a way to promote yourself and hopefully it will be the key to getting you an interview with the organisation you want. You would think so right? Agricultural Recruitment Specialists receive lots of CV’s on a day to day basis which contain many mistakes - we’ve seen them all.

Here is a list of the worst mistakes that we believe that you can make on your CV when applying for that all important job:

  1. TOO LONG OR TOO SHORT. There is a fine line in writing your CV. It needs to show your career progression and the path that you have taken to date, but on the same hand, you don’t want to bore the reader with far too much information, as they simply won’t have time to read it all! Make sure that you are concise and to the point when writing your CV so that the most relevant and beneficial information is there and presented correctly in order to get you that all important interview.
  2. RELYING ON SPELL CHECKER. Whatever happens, do not rely on an automatic spell checker, please ensure that you really read through your CV and check it with a fine tooth comb, as any spelling mistakes could sacrifice you the opportunity that you are presenting yourself for. The amount of times that we have seen the word manger instead of manager to just give you one example, shows how reliant job seekers are on technology!
  3. BE ADAPTABLE, NOT LAZY. So many job seekers will write a CV when they are in the market for a new job and make no changes whatsoever to it when applying for jobs. Don’t be afraid to use your artistic licence to highlight particular skills or experiences, that would really appeal to the reader, whether it be a particular position, qualification etc.
  4. PERSONAL INFORMATION. Check, check and double check! As recruiters, there is nothing more annoying than trying to get hold of someone that hasn’t put their correct telephone number or email address on their CV. What happens if we can’t get hold of you? We have to give up!
  5. FORMAT.  It is so important that your CV is formatted as professionally as possible. Make it easy on the eye. Remember that this is your shop window, employers will judge you on how your CV looks, so make it look professional and the best!

We truly believe if you follow these simple CV steps you will be ahead of many other candidates applying for positions so give yourself the best chance possible! If you are looking for a new job in the agricultural market, please do not hesitate to email your CV to us at or call us on 01905 345 155 and we will let you know if we are able to help. We are working exclusively with a number of organisations in agriculture / horticulture and have a fantastic selection of jobs to offer to candidates of Agricultural Recruitment Specialists. To see some please visit our website

Good Luck in your job search!

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