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General Election Results 2015

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The results are in for this year’s General Election! David Cameron has thanked his supporters for his parties “unexpected victory” after gaining the majority vote. Their manifesto is described as a ‘programme for workers’, comprising of promising policies to the working class; 3 million extra apprentice roles and millions more jobs. The previous 5 years has seen around 1.9 million more people with the security of a pay packet, and the next five years is hopefully going to benefit even more of our hardworking people.

Aim for full employment for all those willing to work – by offering up to 3 million new apprentice roles and millions more jobs, extra opportunities will be available for the millions of our unemployed people.

Use money saved in reducing the benefits cap to fund 3 million apprenticeships – this will encourage those on benefits into work. Benefit spending in 2011 cost the government £159 billion. More jobs will massively decrease the amount spent on benefits.

Triple the number of start-up loans to businesses to 75,000 – More business, more opportunities for employers and employees. By backing small businesses and enterprise, The Conservatives have helped create 1.9 million new jobs - that's more people taking home a pay packet each month and being able to provide for their families.

The Tories have been described as the ‘champions of the countryside’, rightfully so. They gained 11 seats in Wales – their best result in 32 years, as well as Peterborough, and 2 more seats in Yorkshire (just to name a few of the major agricultural constituencies). We hope that for the benefit of all of our candidates and clients, that the next 5 years of The Conservatives will ensure that the right changes are made to support and benefit our countryside.

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