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What makes a great boss?

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Bosses can really affect the way that employees feel about their jobs. If you are lucky enough to have a great boss, don’t take the relationship for granted.

On average only 10% of people have what it takes to manage a team excellently, those are the few who have the right talent combination. Whilst another 20% have a few of the talents but still require further development.

So what is it exactly that makes a boss great?

  • Approachable: They are easy to engage with and are supportive under any circumstance; this can create more trust and respect between themselves and the employee.
  • Motivation: Great managers are able to motivate each one of their employees by giving them a persuasive vision and mission, with an added incentive to encourage constant motivation.
  • Problem solving: They are able to solve any problems and restore productivity within the workplace.
  • Inspire growth: Great leaders help employees build their skills. They also teach them new approaches to increase quality and efficiency.
  • Communication: A great boss and leader will ensure they create an inviting open environment so that all employees can voice any concerns, problems or work related frustrations.
  • Rewards and Incentives: A successful leader will ensure that their team is rewarded for their hard work and that the staff are incentivized by either individual or team incentives. This makes employees feel recognition for their hard work and for exceeding their targets.

A great boss equals satisfied employees which results a better working environment.

So, when seeking a new job or career move, perhaps part of your focus will also be on ensuring that the boss that you will be working for has all of the qualities that you desire!

Happy Job Hunting!

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