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How an introvert can impress at an interview.

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Introverts aren’t often associated with attention grabbing-impact and unforgettable first impressions. Although they are capable of being great in social situations once comfortable, they can have a tendency to hold back before delivering a response.

Read below for Agricultural Recruitment Specialists top tips on how to make the best of your unique skills and traits in your interview if you are an introvert.

Pre-plan and prepare
Make sure to take plenty of time before your interview to get yourself into the right physical and mental state to ensure you excel! Take the morning off work so that you can to do some research and preparation. Also give yourself enough time to commute so that you aren’t flustered when you arrive!

Make connections
While extroverts connect with groups of people, introverts tend to engage better one-to-one. If you’re being interviewed my multiple interviewers, greeting a panel of 3 or 4 people may throw you immediately out of your comfort zone. So instead, don’t think of them as a panel.

Use your skills and qualities
Make sure to communicate the fact that you are thoughtful, considered and engaged.

Small talk
Employers look for candidates that will engage well with others. Figuring out some topics of conversation will help you if your mind goes blank.

Bring physical evidence
Back up your skills with some physical evidence. It will also give you something to do if you suffer from fidgety hands!

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