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How to follow up to an Interview if you're still waiting for answers

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Not receiving an email or follow-up call following an interview happens more than you think. Candidates are sure that they’re the perfect fit for the position; then, they hear nothing. This can be disheartening and can reflect badly on the company recruiting.

Read on for Agricultural Recruitment Specialists top tips on how best to follow up to an interview if you still haven’t heard back from the company.

Write notes
The minute you get home after your interview make sure that you write your notes and questions about the interview before you’ve had chance to forget them. Also note the names of your interviewers so you can use those person-specific details in your personalised thank you notes.

Send an email
Consider sending an email. Ensure that you thank the client for their time in interviewing you and make sure you express your enthusiasm for the job. Include anything you forgot to say in your interview, such as questions and include anything else you’d like to add about yourself.

Consider a call
A phone call is a quick and easy way to follow up. It is a more personal method of communication. You’ll be connecting personally with the person who may be making the decision to hire you!

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