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Tips for motivating employees

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Almost all employees want to do work that they enjoy, secure a good salary, and earn recognition for their contributions. But motivating employees takes more than money and an occasional “thank you”. It requires a strategy tailored to each individual worker’s needs. To simplify things, Agricultural Recruitment Specialists have listed some top tips for motivating employees.

Set goals
Setting goals is a great way to motivate employees. Goal setting is essential to motivating employees and creating an environment where they can win, and feel like winners.

Individual recognition
Everybody needs to be recognised for their induvial accomplishments by people around them, and people above them. A great way of motivating staff is to give positive feedback regularly. This raises a person’s self-esteem, improves their self-image and motivates them to do more of the same in the future.

Provide incentives / rewards
Incentives are always great motivation boosters – and don’t have to be expensive. You can offer incentives such as extra holiday days, gift cards, or even cinema tickets!

Offer opportunities for advancement
Your employees will be much more motivated if they know that they are working towards something. If they think that there is no opportunity for progression they will feel like they don’t have much to work for. Motivate your employees by offering training that gives them new skills they need to climb the ladder.

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