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10 Tips For Answering a Professional Business Call

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Answering a business call in the workplace is different to answering regular, non-business calls; your customers expect your full attention and do not like being kept waiting. Answering a business call professionally can make a huge difference to your company; often a phone call is the first contact you will have with a customer and first impressions matter.

Here are ten tips to help you get call answering perfect every time:

1. Answer the call quickly

Nothing is more unprofessional than leaving a caller on a ringing line. They’ve taken their time to call your company over others’, so reward them by answering quickly or they may take their business elsewhere.

2. Always answer with a smile

People say smiling is contagious and that is no different when you’re answering a call. You will sound warmer and more enthusiastic when you smile, it may sound clique but it really does work!

3. Mention the company name

As soon as you answer the phone, you should confirm the company name so the customer doesn’t have to. You want them to know your company is the one with the enthusiastic and professional staff.

4. Speak slowly and clearly

Be sure to speak slowly and clearly, enunciating words properly to make sure the customer can understand you. If they can’t understand you, you won’t make the sale!

5. Stay positive

The customer is relying on you to help them, if you don’t know how to answer their question, someone else will so stay positive. “I’ll just find that out for you” if much better than “I don’t know”.

6. Ask the callers’ permission

Asking for the customer’s permission before putting them on hold or transferring them makes them feel in control of the conversation so they’re more likely to stay on the line. “Is it okay if I put you on hold while I find that out for you?”

7. Check before you transfer

Before transferring a call, confirm that the person to whom the call is being transferred is available. This person’s name should be given to the party who is being transferred.

8. Be specific

Being vague puts your customers off; if you are going to call the customer back, try to specify when that will be. “I’ll call you back tomorrow” is better than nothing.

9. Always give a positive closure

A simple “thank you for calling” or “have a good day” could be the difference in the client returning to your business rather than going to a different company. It show them that you appreciate and want their business.

10. Manage out of hours calls

Out-of-hours callers are just as important as those who call within office hours. Make sure you call back customers who call out of hours, don’t just dismiss them. After all, the next big sale could come through when the office is closed.


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