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8 Tips for a Successful Interview

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Interviews can be unnerving no matter how many you’ve had before, but there are ways of making it easier for yourself.

Here’s 8 tips to help you to be successful in your interviews:

1. Come prepared

 There are some common questions that are often asked during interviews, “Tell me about yourself” is one of any. Preparing for the easy questions like these can put you above un-prepared candidates and make you seem more confident and enthusiastic. Answer their questions in detail but do not waffle; stick to the relevant information.

2.  Do some research

Take some time out before your interview to do some research on the company, find out what they do, a bit of background and what the company aims to achieve. Use this information in your interview as it shows the interviewer that you are interested and enthusiastic about the role. 

3. Dress to impress

First impressions matter, and what you wear to your interview can either have a positive or negative impression on your employer. Unless otherwise specified, attend your interview in smart office wear, making you appear more professional and is sure to give the interviewer a good impression.

4. Read the job description

Before your interview, re-read the job description or advert for the job you’ve applied for, it is likely to have required skills or qualification listed. Use these to prepare further and adapt your answers to suit these skills and characteristics. Try and think of some good examples of when you have used these skills.

5. Pay attention to non-verbal communication

When being interviewed for a position at a large company, waiting room behaviours are often observed and reported, so make sure you stay professional throughout your time there. You should pay close attention the non-verbal communication of the interviewer/s and react to it throughout your interview. Sitting straight and smiling can make a he difference.

6. Positivity is key

No body wishes to work with a negative person, so don’t show yourself that way! Smile and be enthusiastic about the role, it may well make the difference in getting another interview or not.

Many potential employers will ask why you left your previous job, but no matter how horrific your experience was at your previous job, don’t speak about your previous employer or colleagues in a negative light as this will reflect poorly on you. Explain why you wanted to progress within your career or consider a different career path rather than the fact that you didn’t like your previous employer.

7. Don’t rush

Get to the interview in plenty of time, not only does this show enthusiasm and great reliability but it also gives you time to relax a bit and prepare yourself for the interview. You’ll be less flustered and will do better than if you’ve just run from the bus to get there!

8. Ask questions

Prepare some questions to ask at the end of your interview, these could be about the company or the role or just general questions about the interviewer. Make sure you couldn’t find the answers on the website as this shows you’ve thought about the questions and done your research.



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