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9 Tips To Speed Up Your Recruitment Process

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When it comes to recruitment, time wasted is money wasted; the longer it takes you to find the perfect candidate, the more it’s going to cost you.

Here’s how to speed up the recruitment process without sacrificing the best candidate for the role:

1. Write a good job advert

Although it might sound obvious, having a well written job advert can seriously increase the number of applications you receive. Putting a bit of extra time into writing your job advert can seriously reduce the time you spend looking for the perfect candidate, they’ll find you if your advert entices them and makes them see the job in a positive light. It will save you a lot of time further into the recruitment process. For more advise on how to write a great job advert, see:

2. Use social media to advertise your vacancy

Social media can be an extremely useful tool when trying to recruit for a new job, if you already have a large network of followers, your job advert could potentially reach thousands of people in a very short space of time. This will increase the popularity of your company as well as increasing the number of applications you receive

3. Get some help from a recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies are sure to have plenty of candidates that are suitable for your role but will also find new people specifically for your vacancy. They also filter through the irrelevant CVs and only provide you with the best candidate out there. The best recruiters will ensure that it is a speedy process will clear timescales. Going through a recruitment agency will reduce recruitment time to a minimum, which will ultimately save you both time and money!

4. Be ruthless with your interviews

Interviews are undoubtedly the most time-consuming part of the recruitment process; so, by limiting the number of candidates you see for interviews you could drastically reduce the time it takes to find the perfect employee for you.

5. Use telephone / skype interviews

Telephone interviews are a great and quick way to get to know your candidate a bit better, why they applied for a job, their relevant experience and a little bit about them before you decide to meet them face-to-face.  It can also get the recruitment process started quickly. This is one of the quickest ways of eliminating unsuitable candidates and finding you the perfect employee.

6. Host group interviews

Group interviews are another great way of picking out the stronger ruling-out the unsuitable candidates without having to go through time-consuming interviews with each candidate. You can then conduct individual interviews with the stronger candidates.

7. Be flexible

The final tip to reducing recruitment time through interviews is to be flexible with where and when you can host them. It may take some time out of your personal life but it will allow you to get interviews with candidates at short notice, by meeting them on weekend or in the evenings and traveling to meet them, candidates are more likely to have an interview as thy won’t need to book it off work. It also means you can fit more interviews into a shorter amount of tie, essentially reducing recruitment time.

8. Don’t hesitate

Once you’ve found the perfect candidate, don’t wait to offer them the job; dragging this out is likely to make the candidate think you’re not interested and they may get interviews with other companies. If you’re sure they’re right for the role, offer them the job to make sure they don’t go elsewhere.

9. Finally, don’t rush

Although a quick recruitment process is great, don’t rush your decision; make sure you have found the best possible candidate for you! Rushing the process and getting a substandard employee will just waste more time and money in the long run!



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