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Why is a good CV so important?

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Why is a Good CV so Important?


Your CV is your first chance to make a good first impression on potential employers so you need to make sure it shows you in the best possible light. Having a good CV makes you more likely to get an interview.

A good CV should be specific to the job you are applying for, making sure you emphasise the relevant skills and qualifications you have. Your CV should include the following information:


Personal details

The employer will need to know your name, phone number and email address to be able to get old of you I they want to interview you, it would be useful to also include your address or even the town you live in.


Personal profile

You should summarise your relevant areas of expertise and experience in a short paragraph to give the employer some information on you, this needs to entice the employer to read the rest of your CV.


Key skills

Include relevant skills that may assist you in the job you are applying for.


Employment history

Starting at your current/most recent job and working backwards, explain your previous employments, including your employment dates, your job title, and the skills and responsibilities you developed while you worked there.


Education and qualifications

This section of your CV should include places of education and enrolment dates as well as qualifications you gained.


Interests / Hobbies

This is not essential for your CV but it shows the employer a bit more about your personality outside of the workplace and gives a more accurate depiction of you as a person.



‘References available on request’ will be sufficient, if the employer wishes to speak to your references they will ask you for their details, so make sure you know who your referees are and that you have asked them permission first.


Presentation is just as important as the content when writing a CV, here’s a few tips to help you CV look well presented:

  • A good CV should be no longer than 2 pages, keep everything short and concise, it gets the relevant information through to the employer quickly.
  • Use bold headings to draw attention to important part of your CV
  • Use bullet points rather than a large paragraph, it is easier for the employer to get the relevant information straight away
  • Ensure spelling and grammar is all correct, it always helps to ask someone else to proof read it before submitting your CV
  • Finally, keep your CV up to date with your latest skills, qualifications and employment



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