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1. Stand Out.
For every job you apply for you could be up against hundreds of other candidates so you need to make sure that you really stand out above the rest! Your CV literally needs to hook the reader within seconds in order to achieve the best effect. Recruiters and hiring managers can receive lots of applications for a role, and sometimes only have the time to scan CVs before deciding whether to progress to an initial interview. Employers don't just buy skills, they buy experience, enthusiasm, and many other attributes so you need to show how you can fit in perfectly with the company, as well as what you can bring to the company and position.

2. CV Layout
When applying for a new job, your CV so it must be clear, informative and easy to read. You must make sure the relevant information is easy to see to save the reader time hunting for the information that they need. Ensure relevant qualifications/experience are clear and the information is relevant for the job that you are applying for.

The main areas that you need to include are contact details, skills, qualifications, positions and companies that you have worked for, alongside the dates that you held those positions.

Try not to exceed any more than two pages. Your CV should be succinct enough to include relevant information, but not too long so that the reader switches off.

3. Tailor Your CV to the Job Role and Company
It may sound like a time consuming process, but making the effort to tailor your CV to suit the requirements of each particular job role that you are applying for can greatly increase your chances of securing an interview. Make sure that you highlight areas of your CV that would be relevant to the role in your cover letter – to help the reader say yes to your job application!

4. Keep it Professional
Read and re-read. It's so easy to make mistakes on your CV and exceptionally difficult to repair the damage once an employer or recruiter receives it. As well as checking your spelling and grammar make sure your employment dates match up and that you've provided your most current/up-to-date phone number and email address. You want people to be able to get hold of you once you’ve applied for jobs don’t you?!

5. Keep All Information Current
Ensure that you have all of your current courses attended and achievements logged on your CV. Don’t miss off something important that could put you ahead of all of your competition. Keep your CV up to date as often as possible to make sure you don’t miss adding anything that is important and could really ensure that you are selected for a job interview.

Remember that your CV really is your shop window, so take the time to make sure that it really is the best and will stand out against other job seekers in competitive markets.

These are just some tips to help you when writing your CV.

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