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4 Great Equestrian Careers

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4 Great Equestrian Careers

Working in the equestrian sector may not be everyone's cup of tea, but those who do work with horses are incredibly passionate and dedicated to their work. If you've been dreaming of working with horses since your first pony ride, then perhaps it's time to start making those dreams a reality.

Here are some of equestrian jobs and career paths available to you:

* Riding instructor

If you spent your weekends as a child at the stables learning how to ride, this might just be your perfect job. Riding instructors are responsible for teaching others how to ride, as well as passing on safe horsemanship. Many instructors are employed by riding schools, but it's also possible to instruct as a freelancer with the correct qualifications.

* Stable manager

A stable manager, sometimes also called a yard manager, is in charge of everything that goes on in a stable. From ordering horse feed and bedding to planning vet visits and staff schedules, the stable manager is responsible for all.

This is a great job if your strong suits are organisation and time management. It's possible to work your way up to management jobs by starting off as a horse groomer.

* Equine vet

Horses are such powerful, complicated animals that they actually have their own dedicated vets. If you've always been a bit of a biology whizz with a love of horses, you may have just found yourself a career that is both personally and financially rewarding. If being a vet doesn't take your fancy, why not become an equine dentist or physiotherapist?

* Farrier

A farrier is a professional hoof care specialist. Farriers trim horses' hooves, as well as making and fitting horseshoes. Being a farrier is an important job, because horses' feet require great care and constant upkeep, but it's also very physically demanding. Farrier training is a lengthy process, but by the time you're fully trained and experienced, you could hope to earn up to £100,000 as a self-employed farrier.

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