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AgriCulture Live

AgriCulture Live offers a unique insight into the trends, challenges and opportunities that are defining the industry today.

AgriCulture Live, is your gateway to the pulse of the agriculture sector. Join us as we delve into the heart of agriculture, bringing conversations with industry leaders, innovators and pioneers who are reshaping the future of farming and agriculture. AgriCulture Live discusses new issues and topics within the agricultural and farming industry, from cutting-edge innovations and sustainable practices to the pressing issues facing our agriculture and farming. Hosted by Rebekah Shields, Managing Director of Agricultural Recruitment Specialists, who is a passionate advocate for the farming community, AgriCulture Live offers a unique insight into the trends, challenges and opportunities that are defining the industry.

Each episode, we invite experts and thought leaders to share their perspectives, experiences and visions for the future of agriculture. Whether you're a farmer, agribusiness professional or just someone fascinated by the field of agriculture, AgriCulture Live is your gateway to understanding the complex world of farming and its impact on our planet and society.

Tune in to AgriCulture Live to stay informed, inspired and engaged with the latest innovations and discussions in the world of agriculture. Let's cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation for the sector that is the backbone to the world’s food supply.

AgriCulture Live - Episode 1 with Mike Panteli from Engage Crop Solutions
“The Challenges of Climate Change on Agriculture”. Transcript
AgriCulture Live Episode 2 with guest Mark Scott from Savills
"The Shortage of New Entrants into the Agricultural Sector" Transcript
AgriCulture Live - Episode 3 with guest Stuart Dennis of BK Grain Handling Engineers
"Attracting Agricultural Engineers to the Sector"Transcript
AgriCulture Live Episode 4 with guest Ciarán Murphy from DeLaval
" The Role of AI in the Dairy Industry and What it Means for the Future of Farming" Transcript
AgriCulture Live Episode 5 with special guest Amy Watkins from Agrii
“The Importance of Sustainability in Agriculture”Transcript


AgriCulture Live Episode 6 with guest & Nuffield Scholar - Andrew Sincock from Agriton
“Low Input Farming Systems” Transcript
AgriCulture Live Episode 7 with Alex Hardie from the School of Sustainable Food and Farming at Harper Adams University.
“Attracting New Talent Into Agriculture”Transcript
AgriCulture Live Episode 8 with guest Jack Potter from Wild Capital
"Biodiversity, Net Gain and Nutrient Neutrality"Transcript
AgriCulture Live Episode 9 with guest Owen Atkinson from Dairy Veterinary
Consultancy Limited - "Are Cows Ruining the Planet?" Transcript

​AgriCulture Live Episode 10 with guest John Giles from Promar International
"Issues Affecting the UK Agri-Food Market" Transcript

​AgriCulture Live Episode 11 with guest Edwin Nichols from DroneAg
“How Drone Technology and Agri-Tech Is Revolutionising Agriculture & Farming”

​AgriCulture Live Episode 12 with guest Tess Howe from TIAH
“Skills Needed for the Future of Farming and Attracting Gen Z to Agriculture”

​AgriCulture Live - Episode 13 with guest Dan Boatright-Greene of the Liberal Democrats
"The Policies of the Liberal Democrats in Agriculture & Farming" Transcript

AgriCulture Live - Episode 14 with Sir Mark Spencer of the Conservatives
"Election Policies of the Conservatives for Agriculture & Farming" Transcript

AgriCulture Live - Episode 15 with Mark Jagger from BQP Transcript
"The Pig Farming Industry in the UK and Career Opportunities Available"

AgriCulture Live - Episode 16 with Stephen Shields and Sam Trevey from Red Tractor.
"Red Tractor, Food Assurance, the UK Food Industry and Careers" Transcript

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