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Key agriculture jobs currently in high demand

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The agriculture industry is a broad one, so "getting a job in agriculture" can mean basically anything. That's a fantastic thing, because it means that people who exhibit a wide variety of key skills can all find their niche in the industry. Whether you're better suited to more hands-on practical work or your skills are more analytical in nature, you're sure to find the right agricultural job for you.

As with all industries, however, farming in all of its forms tends to work in spells whereby certain jobs are more in demand than others. It's important you understand this if you're looking for a job in agriculture because it allows you to better direct your job searches and tune your key skills. 

Here are some of the jobs currently in high demand throughout the agriculture industry. 

Retail and Sales

Generally this includes the sale of a range of products, services, and machinery direct to farmers themselves. This is a job which will require you to travel to various farms in order to best pitch the right equipment to suit their requirements. This is an ideal job suited to someone who doesn't mind travelling and doesn't want to be stuck inside an office all day long. 

The key skills required for this job are the same as in any sales-based job, in as much as it's highly important to have good communication. This breaks down into being able to listen well enough to the farmer's needs and being able to speak clearly enough to inform them what their options are. It's a job where forging lasting relationships will be key to your success, so inter-personal skills matter. 

You will also need a keen eye for detail. You'll be managing customer accounts and dealing with a high volume of information, both about the specific details of the products that you're selling as well as the particulars of the individual sales that you make. If this sort of job appeals to you, it's best that you have the capacity to work with facts and figures accurately and efficiently.

Pest control

Farmers have been battling the negative effects on pests for as long as seeds have been sown, so it's always going to be a facet of the agriculture industry which will foster a high level of job demand. While there are plenty of opportunities available, it's a highly specialised aspect of the industry and requires someone willing to properly learn and train on an ongoing basis. 

It's a position that holds a high degree of responsibility, as farmers will be essentially entrusting the entire harvest to you. If you make a poor decision on what chemicals are necessary to spray or you misidentify the pest they're dealing with, it could be catastrophic. Not only could you ruin the entirety of that crop, but in the worst-case scenario, you could contaminate their land. 

Though that sounds ominous, it only serves to make sure that the right people are attracted to the jobs. To be a good pest controller you need to be familiar with a variety of common chemicals and spraying methods, as well as be able to accurately identify a range of pests. You also need to be willing to learn on an ongoing basis as pest control methods are always developing and improving over time.

Farm Management

Farms continue to grow in size year by year, which means that many farm owners simply can't manage their farms on their own any longer. Often, they will turn to outside help in the form of a contracted farm manager, who will be able to help them oversee the day-to-day running of the farm along with developing and implementing any plans for growth that may arise. 

For this job communication is key: you'll need to understand and work with the farm owner to ensure the farm continues to run efficiently. You'll also need to be detail-oriented and able to properly manage a variety of different tasks at any given moment. Independence is important, but you will almost certainly be working as part of a group, so team-skills will also be beneficial for you. 

No two days are ever going to be the same, so farm management is going to appeal to the sort of person who is able to easily adapt to new situations on the fly and develop practical solutions to sometimes complex problems. You must also be able to handle pressure, as you will be responsible for making sure the farm is able to deliver its produce to retailers on time and in a saleable condition. 

Agricultural Finance/Accounting

When people think of a career in agriculture they often think of muddy boots and hands-on work, but if you have an interest in agriculture yet still find plenty of appeal in working in a warm, comfortable office then a career in agricultural finance might be for you. Candidates with a good head for numbers and close attention to detail are always in demand throughout the industry.

This could apply to a wide number of specifics to do with farm operation such as the negotiation of equipment finance, dealing with debt, negotiating deals between suppliers and sellers, tax advice, and so much more besides. The opportunities are there and a wide variety of jobs within the industry are offered, helping farm owners negotiate complex financial arrangements.

Critical thinking is the backbone of any finance/accounting job, so your skills will need to be sharp if you're going to be successful. You'll also be required to continually be up to date with any legislative changes that occur and understand how they apply to your clients. Communication is also going to be important to be able to inform your clients of their financial situations and specifics in an understandable way.

These are just some of the jobs currently in high demand in the agricultural industry. If you've got the skills, there's never been a better time to land your dream job.

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