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There's more to agriculture than you might think: 5 high-skill, high-reward careers in one of the world's most exciting industries

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When most people think of agriculture jobs, their first thoughts are of tractors and barns, fields and livestock, or wellies and farmhouses. But in fact, agriculture is one of the largest, most ever-growing industries in the world, supplying millions upon millions of people with dairy, meat and plant-based produce every single day.

With such a rich and all-encompassing field to explore, there's more to agriculture than meets the eye; and many highly-skilled, highly rewarding professions that are included under its broad umbrella. If you think agriculture is boring, think again; these skilled, next-level careers might just be the perfect way for you to make your mark.

Scientific Study of Agronomy

For those more scientifically or academically inclined, the field of Agronomy might be an appealing choice. Within the Agriculture industry, this field combines solid scientific research and development alongside more biological aspects. To help the industry produce better, hardier or more resistant types of crops.

With a focus on genetics and botany, this career path is ideal for those looking to make a difference to the farming industry in their own, unique way, with Agronomy shaping the way in which farming works in the modern day, thanks to the evolution of specific plants and the development of individual, valuable types of plants and even livestock.

Highly skilled and requiring high levels of qualification, this field isn't your typical farmworker position, but still falls under the general category of Architecture, providing support and insight on a far higher level than you might expect. Science is everything to farming, and one of the tools at the industry's disposal to continually improve and make things better.

Veterinarian or Vet Surgeon

If you plan to take on the medical field with your degree, or you enjoy working alongside animals in your day-to-day workplace environment, then opting to specialise in Agriculture-based veterinary care and even surgery is a reliable and profitable career choice, especially for those who choose to concentrate further in certain types of livestock.

Incorporating the necessary levels of Agriculture with a highly skilled and trained position, choosing this career path provides ample opportunity to climb up the ladder, and learn more fascinating insights and experiences into the care of Agricultural animals and their uses. From lambing to daily rounds, emergency surgeries to ongoing treatments, there's never a dull day as an Agricultural vet.


If you prefer your career to be behind a desk, Agriculture doesn't just stop in the great outdoors; as a continually growing, expanding and profit-making industry, there's never been more need for the financial and admin-based sides of Agriculture to be performed to the highest standards. From Agricultural banks to law, there are many aspects of Agribusiness you can specialise in, each with their own niches and unique learning experiences.

Requiring high levels of knowledge, training and more to be fully qualified, there are great rewards involved in working in the Agriculture industry, whether you're behind the desk or in front of it. With complicated finances, large sums of money and involved cases to work on, a keen mind and mathematical brain is a must for this line of work.

Architect or Surveyor

When it comes to the design and building of new equipment and the buildings that house them, an expert is required to make sure those plans are correct, in line with the law and the right choice to each Agriculture business. If you're interested in architecture or think surveying could be an excellent fit for you, then Agriculture has more than enough work to go around, with high levels of skill required for the creation of complicated structures and important buildings.

Whether you choose a more general role or specialise in Agriculture, this industry has a growing need for talented, skilled and experienced architects and surveyors, to ensure the job is done right to first time, and remains in line with all it has to do, and how it has to do it. With health and safety increasingly a concern, getting each structure built adequately and safely in non-negotiable.

Communications and Journalism

For budding writers and fans of the written word, there's more to Agriculture than you may think. A continually growing and evolving market with a variety of different interests and styles is the perfect melting pot for communications, marketing and journalism - not a subject you'd typically associate with the industry as a whole. From farming publications to events reporting, there's a lot to write about and more than enough to investigate when it comes to the field of Agriculture.

Requiring specific qualifications and in-depth knowledge of the industry, there's a reason why farming publications continue to be a favourite, well-regarded source of expertise in the industry. If you have a passion for journalism and an interest in the outdoors, and all Agriculture has to offer, then getting into the market on the ground floor might be the perfect fit.

More than just labour work

There's much more to the Agriculture industry than just physical labour; with skills required in anything from genetics to journalism, surveying to veterinary care, whatever your niche, Agriculture needs your talents to thrive. The perfect place to improve your skills, learn about a fascinating market and even create lifelong connections, Agriculture just might be the best industry for you.

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