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The future of farming: 5 careers that are on the rise thanks to modern trends

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Agriculture has long been a traditional field, with much of its advancement and improvement only working on adding new things to old models and revitalise existing roles. From automation to farming, agrochemical jobs to poultry jobs, the world still thinks of farming as old-fashioned. But perceptions are quickly changing as the world is, and more and more people are interested in where their food comes from and what is in it. As such, presenting a good public image and meeting the requirements of consumers is more critical than ever.

For agriculture, this means a total shift in the way the industry is perceived; and we’re more susceptible to what’s on-trend than ever before. So, when it comes to farming, what careers are on the rise thanks to modern trends, and which ones are falling out of fashion? Read on to find out more.

Agricultural marketing jobs

Marketing is now a vital part of the agriculture industry, and not just in the ways we package our products. Agriculture is increasingly scrutinized for anything from internal practices to outward appearance, which means marketing is more involved and active than ever before a product even makes its way to shelves. For those considering going into agricultural marketing, this shift is a good thing. This means there is far more demand for various marketing positions than ever, from events management to PR.

Appearance is everything, and with more farms taking the honest approach when it comes to their farmers, sites and even offering tours in some cases, marketing is undoubtedly a vital cog in the machine. Marketing a brand is the best way to make it stand out, whether it’s producing on-trend packaging, creating video content for social media or even producing marketing materials for on-site visitors. To improve awareness and stand out from the competition, agricultural marketing jobs are on the rise without a doubt.

Vegan farming jobs

Vegan food and items are amongst the biggest trends in the world right now and represent millions of pounds in potential purchases. So, with veganism being so big, it’s no surprise that the demand for specific vegan foods has rapidly increased too. For jobseekers, this means more positions than ever in agriculture surrounding fruits, vegetables and other vegan-friendly products – often harvested organically for extra value. But this on-trend culture also feeds into the concept of agricultural marketing jobs, with packaging, advertising and on-point style playing a massive part of products being chosen in an oversaturated market.

As vegan-friendly requirements have increased, so has the demand for farms to produce products, especially when it comes to on-trend foodstuffs such as avocado, cacao and even mushrooms. Farms need to adapt more than ever to the various trends and requirements of an ever-changing industry, which means vegan farming is the ideal job for those who prefer a great deal of variety and change in their daily work, depending on current industry requirements and consumer trends.

Agricultural technician jobs

There’s no industry in the modern-day when technicians aren’t a standard requirement. From production to packaging, sowing to harvesting, automation plays a massive role in today’s farming, especially when it comes to agriculture on a massive scale. But agricultural tech goes far beyond combine harvesters or milking machines, which makes a farming technician job even more interesting, and far more versatile a career than you may think. With so many different areas of agricultural tech, it’s possible to diversify and become an expert in a specific sector; further adding to your value and placing you in an excellent position for future career prospects, too.

Whether you choose to work in a lab developing new technologies alongside scientists, or you prefer to work in the field with green energy solutions for farms, agricultural technology is diversifying at a rapid rate. This means there is more demand than ever for skilled individuals, and there’s much more opportunity to do something meaningful beyond simply repairing existing machinery. While technician jobs have always been a vital part of the farming process, they are more important than ever before as automation continues to advance and improve.

Agricultural banking jobs

In every area of finance, banking is rapidly changing and evolving to meet the needs of the public and their customers. Agriculture is no exception, with the requirements for banking, now looking completely different from how they did just a decade ago. While online banking and accountancy are options for many farms and agricultural companies, the increasingly confusing world of finance often leads to the need for a helping hand. That’s where agricultural banking services come in. Whether it’s working in development to produce new digital services or providing services directly to businesses, finance is a vital concept that all companies need to have a good handle on to succeed.

With greater choice out there for banking services, new loan options and even different ways to handle finances altogether, now is an exciting time to get into banking in the agricultural field. More and more agricultural companies, especially startups, are turning to agricultural banks to gain the funding they need. As trends change, it’s even more likely that new and different versions of farming will be requiring financial support; making agricultural banking a career that can pay off in 2019.

Agronomy jobs

In the average supermarket, the range of different products on offer from agriculture is now staggering. From seasonal fruits and vegetables to exotic or little-known produce, consumers have a more varied diet than ever – and the shelves reflect this. As demand for previously unknown produce is increasing, from unique spices to exotic vegetables, there’s more of a need than ever to provide the best growing conditions for these on-trend food items locally. Agronomy jobs are increasing in popularity of the agriculture industry works to grow new and different products in less-ideal soil.

Agronomists work to improve soil and growing conditions, providing farmers with better crops and more bountiful harvests. It’s easy to see why this field is more important than ever, as consumers demand more and more diversity in the food that they see. To ensure that the fields are yielding the highest levels possible, especially when it comes to meeting all the new trends, agronomy jobs are more essential than ever before.

Whatever your choice of agricultural career, picking one of the rapidly expanding fields to work in is your best bet to succeed in the future. To see our full range of agriculture jobs, take a look online today.

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