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Working with Animals

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Working with animals is at the top of the list for many prospective University students and recent graduates alike. Whether it’s working in conservation, performing scientific studies or providing primary care to animals, choosing a career involving wildlife, health and similar animal-based roles is a more popular choice than ever. While working within a zoo or nature reserve, or even in equine jobs, are excellent options, agriculture is often overlooked when it comes to the care and management of animals, especially for those with highly relevant skills and knowledge.

So, why are rural jobs and farming jobs not considered by recent graduates? There’s often the outdated concept that working with animals in an agricultural context is less high-end and more grunt work. But in modern farming, where the definition of agriculture is broader than ever before, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are just a few of the reasons why those who want to work with animals should consider looking at agricultural jobs for their future career:

A new angle on veterinary care

The vast majority of urban-based veterinarians and vet nurses will work primarily with pets and other small animals. However, individuals that choose to go into animal health-based roles in the agriculture sector will be afforded far greater versatility than the average vet has access to. What does this mean for those that choose to consider farming? It means that they gain a great deal more experience across a range of different species, especially for vets working in areas with a high volume of varying farming businesses and services. This can range from managing the birth of livestock animals to caring for extremely valuable horses and prize animals, providing a great deal of versatility in day-to-day life.

For specialist vets that understand the needs of modern farming, there is far much more to explore and know about a range of different ‘farm species’. While conventional options, such as pigs, sheep and cows, may be more standard, farming can include anything from unique subspecies of animals to more unusual farming options such as llamas, alpacas and more. For those that feel more traditional veterinary care wouldn’t push them to learn more or understand the full animal world, agriculture can open those doors and provide that insight.

Beyond primary care and aid for animals in agriculture, veterinary science is also a fascinating and valuable educational field that individuals passionate about animals could consider. The research and understanding of specific elements of farming in a veterinary context, such as breeding and genetics, are areas where a great deal of development and discoveries are being uncovered. For individuals that enjoy the more scientific side of animal care and health, agriculture holds plenty of opportunities to specialise, evolve and understand even more about animals – beyond cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs.

Work in constantly evolving areas of animal-based science

Alongside many different branches of veterinary career, working in agriculture also offers a wide array of different options for those that prefer behind-the-scenes work with animals. Whether it’s working on providing better animal welfare and enrichment, or creating a more significant understanding of specific breeds and subspecies of animals, science careers are available in many different areas and disciplines, from engineering through to biological and chemical studies. Animal-based sciences, in particular, are continually evolving to meet the demands and changing requirements of modern farming, making them a more exciting and developed career choice than ever before.

With the rise of organic, vegan and animal-led farming alongside changes in our understanding and conservation of livestock, traditional agriculture alone holds many opportunities for animal studies. But when you widen that field into newer and more innovative farming methods and avenues, as well as other areas such as equine studies, pest management and even wildlife conservation surrounding farmland, there is something that matches the ambitions and talents of just about any budding animal scientist. It’s also worth noting that roles in the sciences aren’t only limited to agriculture-level employers. Farm animal studies are a vital element to developing rules and regulations in larger-scale organisations and even charities too, further making the farming industry an invaluable place to start.

From directly studying the behaviour and needs and highly prized and valuable show animals to teaching others the science and specific requirements of wildlife surrounding farmland, working in agriculture can open countless doors to future careers – and not just in the ways you might expect. Farming is no longer what happens directly on the ground floor of processes. Instead, agriculture is a well-oiled machine that has as many specific industry requirements and scientific understanding as any other evolving and growing community.

What other animal-based careers are available in agriculture?

If the sciences of animal care doesn’t appeal to you, there are plenty of other options available for animal-based careers on the ground floor of farming. For those that enjoy getting their hands dirty, and like caring for animals day-to-day, managing flocks of sheep, alpaca and similar ‘wool’ animals could be an excellent alternative. These careers can be anything from industrial-scale to artisanal, depending on your personal career choices and aspirations. Other management and care-based jobs, such as working directly with equine training or beekeeping, can be equally as rewarding, enabling you to work one-on-one with – and care for – the animals in your care.

For those that feel their future is in working with animals, agriculture is undoubtedly an avenue that shouldn’t be ignored. With everything from behaviour studies to veterinary care, animal management to day-to-day care required to keep many agricultural businesses running, there’s never been a better time to look towards a future in farming.

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