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Farm Machinery Jobs

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Agricultural and farm machinery includes equipment used on fields and other aspects of agriculture, including ploughing, planting, irrigation, cultivating,and research. As technology progresses and more nations start to embrace automation, this market is expected to grow significantly. Agricultural and farm machinery is of the utmost importance. It is being utilised more as the world realises the need to ramp up production and yield to feed its growing population.

The industry has been flourishing, with a report from Mordor Intelligence valuing the global agricultural machinery market at $138.59 billion (£100.73 billion) in 2020. The market is expected to reach $194.94 billion (£141.68 billion) by 2026, a CAGR of 5.4% across the period from 2021 to 2026.

Agricultural Machinery Jobs

There are many farm machinery jobs available, ranging from jobs in research to create new agricultural technology and equipment to those in testing, repairs, education and operation. The following are some of the most popular farm machinery jobs available today.

Farm Machinery Operator

Farm machinery operators control and operate agricultural equipment like tractors, loaders, skid steers, trucks, forklifts, transfer augers, and other machinery. They are responsible for using this machinery for tilling, cultivating, spraying crops and more. Because this involves working with many different types of farm equipment, jobs can go by other titles, including “farm labourer,” “baler operator,” “tractor operator,” and more.

Agricultural machinery operators may have to work long hours with heavy machinery, especially during busy times of the year. In addition to operating the equipment, they may be asked to inspect it and perform light repairs. This kind of job is mostly performed outdoors.

Agricultural Machinery Sales

Those in agricultural machinery sales work closely with different customers to demonstrate various types of machinery and promote and sell this equipment. In addition to knowing how to operate different farm machinery, individuals need to have the proper communication, negotiation and presentation skills to succeed in this field.

Those in agricultural machinery sales work closely with farm suppliers and farmers and may need to travel to different areas to promote farm equipment. It’s also helpful to have knowledge of both wholesale and retail environments and have a strong background in business and marketing.

Agricultural Machinery Engineer

Whilst agricultural engineers solve a host of problems, including those with structures and facilities, those in agricultural machinery engineering usually deal with issues involving farm machinery and equipment. They can test existing machinery for issues or be involved in creating new and improved agricultural machinery that can help farmers and growers be more efficient or productive.

Agricultural Machinery Technician

Agricultural machinery technicians modify, diagnose problems, maintain and repair farm machinery such as seeders, cultivators, sprayers, tractors and combines. If you like repairing things and troubleshooting problems, then this is a great career for you. This can involve working for an employer at a service centre, opening your own, or even travelling to farms to provide your services. In addition to working with machinery, this role can also involve working closely with other people in teams to pinpoint exact problems in transmissions of hydraulic systems.

Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer

Not everyone has to go into engineering or repair. There are also plenty of jobs available in agricultural equipment manufacturing, including supervision, training, operating machinery to build equipment and assembling parts.

Agricultural Equipment Warehouse Jobs

Jobs in farm machinery also include warehouse jobs, including supervision and moving jobs and those in distribution and shipping spare parts and assembled agricultural machinery.

Farm Machinery Jobs in Research and Education

There are also several farm machinery jobs available in research and education. With so much going into innovation and new agricultural technology, there’s always room in research for more experts to add their contributions to farm mechanisation and agricultural technology. Researchers are required for field testing as well as coming up with theoretical ideas and improving current technology.

Additionally, there are many roles in the agricultural education sector in trade schools, colleges and universities, where you can use your knowledge to influence and teach the next generation. Many university jobs in agriculture come with research positions as well, but they usually require further education degrees such as master’s and PhD degrees.

The Growth of Farm Mechanisation and AgriTech

Farm mechanisation is growing at increasing rates globally in both developed and developing countries, opening up many new jobs in agriculture for workers everywhere. This is because of a few major factors. Firstly, because fewer agricultural labourers are entering the field, more mechanisation is required to complete the same amount of work with fewer labourers. Secondly, technology is increasingly productivity, which is much needed in today’s work, especially with global food shortages and the impact of an ever-growing population.

In addition to increasing production and efficiency, mechanisation reduces the cost of work and increases yield per unit of land. In fact, modern agricultural and farm machinery, including drones and agricultural robots, helps release manpower for other, more complex agricultural jobs and solves the existing labour shortage.

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