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7 Ways to Improve Your Job Adverts

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A clear and effective job advert is the first step to a successful recruitment process. However, this can be rather tricky to master; so Agricultural Recruitment Specialists have come up with 7 great ways to improve your job adverts!

1. Don’t re-write your job description!

When writing an effective job advert to publish, you need to make your job seem more appealing than the candidate’s current job and the other job adverts they are reading. Try to make your job advert enticing and write your advert as if you are selling a product, after all, you are trying to sell this job to your future employee! Don’t just bullet point the requirements of your job, tell the candidate why they want to apply for your job, make it exciting! This will help you draw in more applications.

2. Understand the role yourself

If you are thinking to yourself, “I don’t know how to make the job seem appealing”, it is likely that you don’t know the job quite as well as you should which is making it harder for you to sell it! Without a thorough understanding of the role, what it entails and its’ requirements, you will find yourself re-writing the job description (which as you now know, is a bad move).

Once you completely understand the job, you will find it much easier to summarise and convert into an enticing job advert that is going to get plenty of applications.

3. Write it as you would tell it over the phone

You may still be wondering what the best way to write your advert is to make it appealing, the answer? Write it as you would sell it over the phone; you wouldn’t read the job spec over the phone to a candidate so write an advert like it?

Next time you write a job advert, stop and think how you would sell it over the phone; keep it professional but not mundane.

4. Bold and Underline

Draw attention to the important and exciting parts in your job advert by either underlining key words or putting them in bold; this will make your advert quicker and easier to read and will ultimately get you more applications.

5. Include information about your company

Always include some basic background information on your company so they candidate knows who they are applying to work for; this is especially important if the advert is going to be posted on job boards and social media where they do not have immediate access to the information on your website.

It is also beneficial for you to give an insight into the atmosphere and culture of the company, people want to know they are applying to work within a suitable environment and with respectable colleagues. This will help you gain more applications.

6. Include a salary

Providing a salary (or salary range) in your advert is one of the fastest and easiest ways to increase applications!

It is also likely to reduce the amount of time-wasting applications and will give candidates a realistic indication of the level of job they will be applying for. You will often get better qualified and well-suited candidates applying by including a salary range.

7. Compare your advert to others

Finally, another fantastic ay to improve your job advert is to compare it to job adverts for similar roles. Analyse the other adverts and identify the parts you think are effective and those that don’t do the job any favours; you can then use this when writing your own advert, making sure to avoid the negative points of the other adverts to make yours the best around!

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