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10 Bad Habits That Make Candidates Lose Out On New Job Opportunities

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10 Bad Habits That Make Candidates Lose Out On New Job Opportunities

Being invited to an interview is a privilege and you can truly count yourself lucky because it means that your resume outshone a number of candidates.  But of course the interview itself will be the factor that determines whether you get the job or not.  Interviews are stressful and it is easy to make a mess of things when you are panicking.  While most interviewers will still overlook tension and nervous habits there are some habits that simply cannot be ignored.  Agricultural Recruitment Specialists want all of our job applicants to get the best chance of landing the best possible jobs and that is why we have concluded a list of 10 habits that you absolutely must drop before heading over to the interview;

  1. Failing to do your homework

Nothing says ‘I don’t care’ like an applicant that didn’t do their homework regarding the job or employing company.  Recruiters and employees will consider the number of questions you ask regarding the job and especially the duties and responsibilities that are required of you.  Being curious about the job in question shows that you are genuinely interested in the actual work and indicates that you are not just applying out of desperation.

  1. Texting while you wait

Texting or playing on your phone may seem like a good pass time but it is actually a bad idea.  Firstly it implies that you would rather be elsewhere and secondly it gives the impression that you might have a little phone addiction going on.

  1. Grooming as you wait

Don’t groom or fidget as you wait for the interview.  These habits make you seem unprepared and give the impression that you usually aren’t groomed.   Do your touchups in the bathroom or in the vehicle mirror before you step out. 

  1. A negative vibe

Negative comments and a negative vibe is a big no for any interview and for any normal working environment for that matter. Be confident and positive.

  1. Don’t interrupt

Interrupting others while they speak is rude and implies that you don’t care to hear someone else’s opinion.

  1. Don’t be too eager

It is good to be enthusiastic and excited about a job but don’t be too eager.  You will seem desperate and might give the impression that you are dishonest.

  1. Swearing is a big no

Swearing can be a nasty habit and it is so easy for these ugly words to slip out during interviews.  To avoid swearing during interviews and while on the job you might want to consider excluding curse words from your vocabulary in general.

  1. Being too shy

Take your time to answer questions. This will show that you take your time to consider your answers and aren’t too eager to get away.

  1.  Don’t be too informal

The agricultural department has a more casual work approach compared to most formal positions but being too informal and casual can make you seem unprofessional or might indicate that you are not serious about the job.

  1. Unhygienic habits

Poor hygiene is a terrible habit.  Don’t dress sloppy, groom properly for the interview and ensure that you don’t smell of smoke. 

There is no perfect recipe that can guarantee you any job in any company but by taking care to avoid these 10 bad habits you do certainly improve your chances of landing the job. 

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