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Top 5 Niche Agriculture Careers

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Top 5 Niche Agriculture Careers

Most people don't realise just how wide and varied the industry of agriculture is. While farming certainly tops the list for the most obvious field in agriculture, we're here to explore some of agriculture's lesser-known - but nonetheless just as rewarding - career paths.

1. Agronomy

Ask your regular person on the street what an agronomist is, and chances are they'll either have no idea or think it's something to do with the stars. Actually, agronomy is the science of using plants for fuel and food, and as such is really the foundation of what modern farming is all about. Agronomists work to increase soil productivity and crop health, and most jobs in agronomy will require a science degree.

2. Artificial insemination

These days, many farm animals are actually bred via artificial insemination. It can be quicker, less risky, and even less stressful for the animals. Agriculture specialists who work in the field of artificial insemination and genetics work to refine and improve these methods and, of course, perform the insemination procedure itself.

3. Animal nutrition

Animal nutritionists are primarily concerned with the diets of animals and livestock, with a view to maximising growth, reproduction and health. Animal nutrition is a fantastic career path if you're scientifically minded and keen to work with animals. Animal nutritionists are, like agronomists, another key figure in the farming industry often overlooked by those considering a career in agriculture.

4. GIS technology

GIS technology, or Geographic Information System technology, is steadily being used more and more often by the modern agriculture industry. A GIS computer system captures, stores and displays data relating to geographic positions; in agriculture, GIS specialists can utilise their expertise to map and predict future fluctuations in crop output, precipitation, and temperature.

5. Forestry

Forestry is an exciting and unique profession in agriculture. If you consider yourself a lover of nature and the outdoors, you may want to stop by our forestry listings and see what's available. The forestry industry is concerned with the conservation and management of forest and woodland sites in the UK, and as such is an ever more important field in today's increasingly urban world.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the most unusual jobs in agriculture, but it should give you some idea of the range of work available in the field. If any of these grab you, be sure to head over to our and start your career in agriculture today.

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