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What to look for in an Agricultural Technician

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What to look for in an Agricultural Technician

Recruiting for your business can be a difficult and stressful process, and knowing how to find the right candidate relies first on knowing what to look for. Here we explore the traits and qualifications you should be looking for in an agricultural technician.


Agricultural technicians can have a wide range of qualifications. The most trained will have a Master’s degree or higher, but this is not always essential for your needs. Qualifications can be earned through college degrees and, typically, an agricultural technician will have two years of formal training. Other useful qualifications can include biology, chemistry and agricultural business management.


Given the nature of an agricultural technician’s role, it is important that they have a meticulous attention to detail. When testing soil, plants or animals, there is no room for error, so it is important that they can demonstrate effective testing practices.

Good interpersonal and communication skills are also essential, as they will need to impart findings to a wide range of individuals. The ability to interpret and organise results is vital, to ensure you can get accurate conclusions.


Experience is very important to an agricultural technician’s role. They need to know how to handle seed, control weed, harvest, store produce and far more. They also need to be able to operate farm machinery and report accurately. There is no replacement for experience in this role. While you can hire an agricultural technician with little or no experience, you should only do so where there is resource available with which to train them.


Agricultural technician jobs will be far better served by those who wish to carry them out. The devil is in the detail when carrying out testing, so it is important that the individual is focused. Having an employee who enjoys what they do will be better for everyone and will yield better results.

Desire for Perfection

Ultimately the yield of your crops will rest in the hands of your agricultural technician to a large degree. You should, therefore, seek a candidate who will strive for the best and look to get the greatest yield from your produce.

There are many traits and qualifications you can look for when interviewing someone for this role, but this overview provides a good place to start. For assistance narrowing down what you want in the perfect agricultural jobs candidate and more, get in touch with Agricultural Recruitment Specialists today.


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