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Making a difference: Food Industry Jobs for Millennials

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Making a Difference: Food Industry Jobs for Millennials

There’s no age restriction on the desire for a career that has a purpose and offers job satisfaction.

However, Millennials, in particular, are passionate about job opportunities that enable them to “make a difference”, rather than simply chasing highest salaries.

Food jobs are a rich source of opportunities to be part of an actionable change. There are abundant ways to support the development of sustainable agriculture and food initiatives.

So if “changing the world” appeals to you, here are three areas you could consider.

- Farming 

As the world population continues to grow, so does demand for people to grow food. Sustainable farming requires a variety of skills and interests. It involves integrating environmental awareness, use of technology, public health, animal welfare and building community marketplaces.

Farming is moving away from chemical pesticides and exploring biodiversity and the growth of healthy ecosystems.
For Millennials with a mission, there are opportunities for active involvement but also research to support change out in the fields and pastures.

Sustainable food service and delivery

Agriculture is not the only source of jobs for anyone who wants to change consumer behaviour and food sustainability.
For example, there is a concerted effort to use all the tools that technology provides – including Big Data, the Internet of Things and the Cloud – to reduce food waste.

According to the UK Food Standards Agency, people and businesses in the UK dump seven million tonnes of food and drink every year. The majority of which was edible. This is something that can’t continue, and for Millennials with an interest in social change, it offers careers to create and disseminate good practice.

The food supply chain, retailers and hospitality businesses are all passionately embracing the need for better food management. They are also looking for ways of increasing water conservation, boosting energy efficiency and using renewable energy wherever possible.

- Technology and science

Consider too, that modern food and agriculture jobs rely heavily on technology to better automate, manage and analyse functions. This includes Business Information Modelling to predict how sustainable production is possible, and how to make food delivery more streamlined and effective to reduce waste.

Scientists and innovators are working on ways to grow global crops at the end of this century, that can better preserve land and support air quality. Being part of solutions and actionable change could start today with the right food-related vacancy.

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