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Why Sustainable Agriculture/ Agricultural Sustainability Has Bright Career Prospects

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Why Sustainable Agriculture/ Agricultural Sustainability Has Bright Career Prospects

There is a big change taking place on farms around the developed world as the need to move towards more sustainable farming is recognised. For decades past, the majority of our food production has been carried out through industrial agriculture that produces the same crops year on year and uses vast amounts of pesticides and fertilisers to produce them. This a system that is not built to survive the long haul, and sustainable agriculture is moving to the forefront of the discussion as governments push for farming styles that do not degrade and deplete the environment. Non-sustainable agriculture is a system that cannot last which means farming jobs are opening up that will drive towards more sustainable agriculture. 

An increasing number of savvy farmers and scientists are helping to turn farms into more sustainable enterprises that are economically, environmentally and socially more viable and in doing so farming jobs are opening up for those with expertise in sustainable agriculture. From the scientific development of such practices to the implementation and management of their use on farms, sustainable agriculture practices and careers are becoming more prevalent. 

Sustainable agriculture is a system that can accommodate farms of all shapes and sizes to produce a wide range of foods, fuels and fibres that are suited both to the regional environment and to the regional demand. At the forefront of this push for sustainable farming is the need to feed ourselves and feed the world as the population of the nation and planet increases. Using state of the art, science-based practices, sustainable farming seeks to maximise the productivity and the profitability of farming while the impact on the environment is minimised. A more sustainable model of farming can be just as profitable and can benefit all involved in the long run as the natural conditions for farming are preserved and rejuvenated without the need for excessive use of fertilisers and chemicals. 

Sustainable agriculture is the future, but what is it and what careers in sustainable agriculture lie ahead? Herein we explore the bright future of sustainable agriculture. 

What is sustainable agriculture?

Within agriculture, sustainability relies on a wide range of factors that all contribute to the success, yield and profitability of farming. If agriculture is less profitable then it is not sustainable so the economic virtues need to be protected as well as the social and environmental factors. Sustainable agriculture should be profitable, treat all involved fairly and protect the environment to reduce any negative impact and loss of productivity from the land you are farming. Executing all of these diverse aims relies on the development of science, effective implementation and proactive farm management. 

To operate sustainable agriculture you need to practice good stewardship of the natural resources and systems that farms depend on to grow their crops. Much of this stewardship relies on the effective implementation of existing knowledge by agricultural technicians to protect and build healthy soil and manage and maintain water supplies while also minimising pollution and promoting biodiversity. Agricultural technician jobs can be highly focused to protect the condition of the land and make the agricultural production far more sustainable and profitable too. Agricultural technicians with experience in maintaining sustainable farming will find it easier to develop their careers than those without these skills. 

There are whole fields of research focused on reaching these targets with agroecology standing forefront in seeking to manage farms as their own ecosystems so that they use the resources in a more sustainable manner. The scientific developments in agroecology can help the farmers to work with nature rather than in opposition to it and this can help farmers to get better yields without damaging their land. The farming job prospects in agroecology are bright as they can help to increase the productivity and profitability of land. 

Isn’t sustainable farming the same as and as expensive as organic farming?

Sustainable agriculture is not the same as organic agriculture. The current requirements for organic farming allow for some practices that aren't normally considered to be sustainable. What's more, just because you are sustainable does not mean that you are organic. Sustainable farming is about maximising the yield while also minimising the impact of the farming so that productivity will last. 

Science in sustainable agriculture

The science of sustainable agriculture is very interesting and is receiving heavy investment for development, in turn opening up plenty of farming job opportunities. Studies carried out using complex crop rotations are showing better results than standard monocultures. This outperformance is increasing yield and profitability from the land by allowing biodiversity to occur. 

Research into crop breeding is also providing farmers with access to a wider range of varieties of crops. These crops are able to grow more effectively and are yielding greater results from the same exposure and nutrients. These breeding research farm jobs are sowing the future of sustainable farming and farmers are able to reap the benefits of sustainable farming techniques with the right agricultural recruitment to find the right people to fill their arable jobs. 

Agroecology is a growing area of investment in farming and the farming jobs for those trained in sustainable farming methods and management are increasing in number. The effective use of science in sustainable agriculture is not going to go away as the need to achieve greater yield and increased diversity from crops is also increased. 

Careers in sustainable agriculture

Sustainable agriculture is not new but it is a growing area in the sector and those with expertise in sustainability will find it increasingly easier to secure farming jobs. From management positions through to grain trading jobs and agricultural technician jobs, there is a growing need for farmers to be more aware of sustainability and how it can be achieved through the application of science and the preservation of soil. 

When carrying out your farm recruitment you should consider the sustainability of your farm and look to the future to help meet the increasing regulations on farming practices and generate the best possible yield from your farm. 

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