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Why Should You Choose A Career In Agriculture?

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Why Should You Choose A Career In Agriculture?

Have you ever wondered what a career in agriculture would be like? Agricultural jobs are diverse and varied, and they offer plenty in terms of career development. The agricultural sector is wide-ranging and regardless of background or interests, there's bound to be an agricultural job out there for you. There are some excellent reasons why choosing to work in agriculture can provide great benefits for individuals and open doors to further career progression.

There are the more traditional farming jobs like growing crops or herding cattle, or if you're looking for a different type of role then perhaps you'll be interested in plant sciences or food supplies. Regardless of background, the sector is made up of many different jobs and roles, so there's literally something for everyone; it just depends on what your skillset is.

Great reasons to work in agriculture

With such a wide sector, it will come as little surprise that there are so many opportunities. The choice for a career in agriculture is endless, with an interesting array of opportunities available. Many people believe that agricultural jobs refer to people who run farms, but this isn't the case. In fact, although farmers are an essential part of the sector, the industry benefits from a larger food and drink sector, which employs nearly 4 million people.

Plenty of choice on offer

Agriculture boasts an important agri-supply sector, selling machinery, animal feed, seed and fertiliser. There's also a network of companies located around the world that buy and process milk, grain and meat that is produced in farms in Britain and supply it to consumers.

Research and development is another important area for agricultural jobs. Scientists are undertaking research activities to try and find solutions to the daily challenges that farmers face such as managing diseases.

High employment rates

Employment rates in agriculture are also positive. In fact, graduates in agriculture have a high rate of employment when compared to other students. This is largely down to the number of opportunities available and the longevity of the roles on offer.

Agriculture jobs are open to all

Although there may be some misconception about the agricultural industry, it isn't necessary to have a farming background to start a career. Suitable people come from all walks of life, and it's their skill set and determination that is important for a career in agriculture. Transferable skills are a huge bonus for an applicant, which means even if a candidate has been trained in a different field, there could be some skills that could easily be used to forge a career in agriculture.

Freedom of the outdoors

When it comes to agriculture, a large majority of the jobs involve some form of outdoor working. This allows those working in the industry to enjoy working in some of the most scenic parts of the country. It's also worth mentioning that some roles offer accommodation as part of the job, providing an added bonus of being surrounded by picturesque landscapes.

Modern sector that looks to the future

Many of the jobs in agriculture use high-tech equipment and benefit from the latest developments in science and engineering. GPS, robotics and drones are currently being used in the complex world of agriculture, with sophisticated techniques being used to ensure that the production of food is cheaper and safer.

Long-term prospects are excellent

With a global population set to drastically increase in the coming years, the prospects for the agricultural industry are excellent. People will always need food, and agricultural jobs will still be around in order to serve the demand as a result of a growing population.

Generous salaries are offered

In recent years, evidence suggests that the average salaries available in agriculture exceed the national average. In fact, research shows that for individuals working in the agriculture supply jobs, the average salary was around £33,500. It was also found that many agricultural jobs offer other benefits such as mobile phones and company cars.

Being able to make a difference

Agriculture is an essential industry, as it produces, feeds and maintains human life. Farmers are often responsible for how the environment looks, and how it can be maintained for future generations.

Working in an industry that is focused on producing high-quality and safe food at affordable prices to consumers is something that you can offer job satisfaction for those with a job in agriculture.

What does the future of agricultural jobs look like?

Although drones and robotics are already being used to some extent in agriculture, the future looks set to depend on them more than ever, which will require people with a knowledge and skill set to use them.

Agriculture has been talked about as one of the key sectors that will benefit from the use of drones. Farmers are already looking at ways to use drones to assess soil health and analyse different types of soil.

Although technology will be more commonplace in the future, it will also be people that drive the industry forward. In fact, people who are looking at a career in agriculture will need to be more adaptable than ever before. This is due to the fact that there will be a large focus on the use of technology, but perhaps as important will be the requirement to undertake a wider variety of different roles.

A focus on big data will also be a requirement of agricultural jobs in the future. This is because there are many aspects of farming and agriculture that rely on and use data in order to drive profits and productivity. This means that those people who may be considering a career in the sector need to be somewhat versatile and multi-disciplined in order to deal with the changing landscapes of the industry.

A career in agriculture may not be a choice that many have considered so far in their lives, but there are some excellent reasons why a job in agriculture has great benefits and allows people to make a huge impact in an important global industry.

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