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5 reasons to pursue a career in agriculture

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Have you just left school or college and are wondering what step to take next? Or are you thinking about a change in career path and considering the agriculture industry? Perhaps you’re considering a degree in agriculture, but are not quite sure whether it’s a good fit for you? 

Many people wrongly assume that a career in agriculture is all hard labour in lonely fields, when in fact there's a diverse range of jobs available in the agricultural sector. 

What’s more, there is no shortage of work. The agricultural industry in the UK is absolutely booming, and is responsible for around £24billion in revenue and £8.5billion of Gross Value Added to the UK economy each year. 

If you’re just starting out, choosing the right education is vital to ensure a long and successful career in agriculture. Increasingly, many students are opting for the broader topics when choosing an area of study. However, if you have a clearer idea of where you want your agricultural career to lead, choosing a specialist subject can mean a far bigger pay off long term. 

Still not sold? In this article, we list the top five reasons many people opt for a career in agriculture, and the benefits you should consider when making your career choices. 

1. It offers endless career opportunities

According to the National Office of Statistics, the British agricultural industry currently supports around 346,000 jobs, a growth of around 3% on the previous year. [LINK]. And with so much left to discover through research and technology, this growth shows no signs of slowing down. 

The good news here is that demand is outstripping supply, so finding a quality job in the field you love can be much easier in the realms of agriculture than other more competitive sectors. 

The biggest proportion of the agricultural job market continues to be baby boomers, however, this is set to change over the next few years as people from this generation begin to retire. This opens up a tonne of opportunities for graduates. Not only this, but graduates will bring with them new ideas and new thinking, therefore leading the pace of change. 

2. The demand far outstrips supply 

Agriculture is on the up. Not only is our UK market booming, there is plenty of demand from overseas too. With our rolling hills and vast expanses of natural greenery, the UK continues to be a key player in the global food chain. 

This boom in our economy is not only led by a surge in population growth, either. New health and wellbeing trends have driven a change in both our spending habits and our diets, as many individuals look for more sustainable sources of food. For example, instead of choosing apples from Spain, customers are looking for produce grown in this country. By opting for locally-sourced food, you’ll not only help reduce your carbon-footprint (after all, who wants a piece of fruit that has more monthly air miles than you?!) but you’ll often find it is fresher, free from pesticides and preservatives, and is tastier, too. 

There is also a sizeable trend emerging from shoppers looking for high quality, organic produce. This offers a fantastic opportunity for the more entrepreneurial agricultural worker to tap into this demand.

3. It offers multiple revenue streams 

Farmers are increasingly looking at ways in which they can boost their revenue streams, and make the most of the land and resources they have access to.

Local, home-grown farm shop produce is seeing a surge in popularity. Selling items such as local honey, eggs, fruit and meat to more unusual products like wool and candle wax can provide a lucrative source of income. 

4. It’s rewarding 

Not only does a career in agriculture set you up financially, it’s also incredibly rewarding. 

If you enjoy the idea of running your own business, farming can offer you great freedom in your career. Often, farm workers are also businessmen and women too, as they’ll be managing their accounts and dealing with suppliers, as well as running the farm. 

However, if caring for animals is what motivates you, choosing a career in livestock farming or in animal health could be an excellent fit. 

No matter what you find rewarding in your work, there are opportunities in agriculture to feel fulfilled in what you do. 

If you’re not sure which route to take in your agricultural career, we recommend visiting farms and small-holdings in your area, to get a feel for each line of work. Just like office-based roles, some time spent ‘interning’ is an effective way to get under the skin of the farming business, from number crunching to mucking out the stables! 

5. It’s a launchpad for your career

A career in agriculture, particularly in the fields of engineering, science and animal health, can earn you upwards of £100k a year. 

Whether you’re looking for an equine job, a land surveyor job, an agrochemical job or a groundcare job, the variety of careers available in the field of agriculture really are never ending. 

What’s more, far from the typical stereotype of farm jobs and agricultural machinery jobs, agriculture offers a huge range of opportunities for those looking for the next level up. Think about production, research, policy, insurance, resource management and surveyance, and you’ll soon see what fantastic opportunities await in this exciting and diverse sector. 

Ready to take the next step in your agricultural career? 

At Agricultural Recruitment Specialists, we offer expertise and consultancy within the agricultural, farming, horticulture, animal health, equestrian, food and rural sectors, both in the UK and worldwide. We’re committed to finding the right candidates not only for the job at hand, but for the organisation and the style of work required. 

If you’re looking to take the next step in your career, contact us today. We will ask you a few questions about your education, your experience and your preferences, and will match you with roles and organisations that are a perfect fit for your career goals and aspirations. 

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