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The beginner’s guide to agricultural careers

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If you’ve just started looking for a career in agriculture, you might be confused by the amount of information out there. From animal management to farm technicians, there is such a diversity of job titles. It may be hard to know when to start. This is our beginners guide to agricultural jobs and careers, with some tips on how to get more information and start on your successful agricultural journey.

Which agricultural jobs are for me?

This very much depends on your level of education, your ambition, and of course, what you actually want to get out of a career in agriculture. The good news is that there are many jobs in agriculture which require no training and no experience.

Right now, for example, poultry farms are looking for dedicated and responsible workers to look after their hens. This job involves checking on the chickens' welfare, preparing the hen houses for new arrivals, collecting eggs every day plus a range of various maintenance and upkeep tasks. In an ever-growing industry that's more focused on animal welfare every day, jobs like this are nearly always available. The great news is that with most roles like this, there are many opportunities to progress if that’s what you want out of your career.

For those with management skills and experience, or previous agricultural experience, maybe a career in farm management could be the opportunity you’re looking for. Gone are the days when farm owners automatically managed their own land. Some still do, but it’s extremely common for farm owners to hire an experienced manager to ensure they get the most out of their farm. Business savvy individuals with great people skills will get the most out of a job like this.

Engineers and technicians will also find plenty of careers in farming and agriculture. Technicians are always needed to service and repair farm machinery, from agricultural vehicles to dairy equipment. Many technicians will service several farms, driving from place to place and being on call as needed. Others might be based on site, dealing with several types of machinery. Apprenticeships are often available as well as careers for experienced technicians.

What’s the pay like?

This varies, but in general, agricultural jobs offer more pay than the national average. The average wage in the UK currently is about £27,000 per annum. Some farm workers might earn this or just a little below, however, they tend to get other benefits that offset the deficit. Overtime is often on offer- a rarity in many industries, these days. Company vehicles are common, as are company mobile phones. These are all benefits that save the employee plenty of money every month. Also, farm workers on larger farms tended to earn much more than the base level. The lowest paid farm jobs tend to be workers on livestock farms, however, there are often great opportunities for progressions.

Above entry-level jobs, pay rates are generally far above the national average. Wages over £50,000 are fairly common, especially in certain segments of the industry such as supply trade. Specialist roles like agronomists could be doubling that, depending on their experience and achievements.

Why do people enjoy working in agriculture?

There are many reasons people choose careers in farming or agriculture.

It may be that they love working with animals, and want to help ensure the welfare of livestock. Dairy and poultry farmers and workers will get plenty of opportunities to get hands-on with their animals, and build up some amazing experiences.

People who have become sick of the office environment or know from the get-go that it’s not for them will enjoy the change of scenery that comes with a career in agriculture. Working in fields, moving from farm building to farm building, or driving around the country speaking to suppliers; there aren’t too many agricultural jobs that involve sitting behind a desk from 9 to 5. Of course, many jobs still do involve admin and similar tasks, but the overall roles tend to be so varied they never get bogged down in office work.

Opportunities are prolific. The agricultural industry as a whole is understaffed at the moment. It’s thought that by 2020, another 20,000 people will be required to work in the agricultural sector. This means that there are always opportunities for training and progression, and plenty of work to get your teeth into.

Working outdoors and with plants and animals is beneficial for mental and physical health. According to the Office for National Statistics, people who spend most of their time in the countryside live for longer than those who never leave the city. A great reason to start your agricultural career as soon as possible.

Will I benefit others as well as myself?

Many people, when looking for a job, want to know that they’re making a difference in some way. All agricultural jobs make a positive difference to your community, whether local or national. As a member of the agricultural community, you’re helping to ensure that food production runs smoothly and that the shelves on shops are filled, whether you’re working with animals, crops, or machinery.

A dairy technician helps ensure the milking machinery runs smoothly and deals with any technical problems swiftly. That keeps the dairy farm running, which ensures there is milk on the shelf for the average consumer.

Even agricultural sales jobs contribute to the wider community. A successful sales person will ensure the right supplier provides the right product to the right buyer at the right price. This keeps the supply chain moving, whether that’s a truck full of potatoes or machinery parts.

That should give you an idea of why so many people are choosing a career in agriculture. According to Farmers Weekly, 88% of those who work in agricultural jobs state that they would recommend the industry as a long-term career prospect. With so many people enjoying their careers in agriculture, maybe it’s time you contacted us to see what types of agricultural and farming jobs we could find for you today.

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