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Four transferable work skills to survive in the agriculture profession

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Agriculture is a wonderful profession to consider. There is an array of different agriculture jobs to suit diverse interests and personal strengths. From farming jobs, animal health and veterinary jobs, the choice is endless. If you have never considered the profession, or you currently are, there are key skills that can help anyone to move into this rewarding but challenging field. Many of the key skills for success in agriculture can be transferred from previous jobs.

Being flexible

The ability to be flexible when needed will serve anyone well in day to day life. In relation to working within agriculture, working outside can often be a key part of the role, especially when it comes to farming. Unpredictable natural elements such as the weather or even livestock may affect your working day, meaning that if Mother Nature decides to rain, snow or storm, be prepared to work around this as best you can to carry out tasks. 

Time management skills

As an agricultural worker, your job will involve working within logistics, transporting raw materials and produce to wholesalers for retail. It will be essential that you are organised and can keep a good track of time, to ensure that you meet agreed deadlines with those you work with.


Working independently will mean that you will need to ensure that you keep yourself motivated, and on task. This goes hand in hand with time management and organisational skills. 

Good maths skills

Calculating costs and business rates will need to be done with accuracy. The more comfortable you are with working with numbers, the better you will be able to survive and enjoy the role. This does not mean to say you need to be a top mathematician to do the role well - all you will need is the ability to carry out calculations and keep on top of finances.

Agriculture offers many opportunities for work. The number of transferable skills from previous desk-based jobs and more can be of great use when you decide to switch careers. Why not contact the team at Agricultural Recruitment Specialists to discover available roles that could be perfect for you?

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