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5 key skills learned during an agriculture degree

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There are many reasons why a degree in an agricultural subject is a good career move. Not only do you earn academic qualifications that open doors to specific career opportunities; you will learn skills that can be applied across a wide range of career paths. Here are just a few of the many benefits for students of taking a degree in an agricultural field of study.

Time management

One of the most important skills one needs in agriculture is the ability to work to a tight schedule. Students must always delegate their time wisely to ensure they complete assignments and projects by the appropriate deadline. In order to earn your agricultural degree, you will have to set goals for yourself in both the short- and long-term. If you study an online programme whilst working in a full- or part-time job, you will get extra flexibility and even more practice in developing your time management skills. By learning efficient, effective organisational strategies, you will build a skill that will serve you well throughout your career in agriculture.

Critical thinking

Students of agriculture spend time nurturing keen problem-solving capabilities. Whether you are focused more on the business side of agriculture or the complex science behind it, you will be required to engage and develop your analytical thinking skills. With statistics, measurements and all sorts of other numbers thrown your way, you must learn to make sense of the data, spotting patterns and identifying important information that informs your decision-making. These are valuable skills that will make you excel in your career.

Agricultural graduates will tell you of the body of knowledge they build that enables them to think in a critical way. You can build a keen understanding of the issues that persist in our global climate, and learn to innovate and adjust your approaches to be able to work with the changes and the challenges. You will also learn how to pass that knowledge and skill on to others - perhaps you will even be able to make a difference to the world with your analytical thinking.

Access to a treasure trove of research

The academic resources that students in agricultural degrees gain access to allow them to build up real expert knowledge of the industry. A curriculum will usually take a holistic view of the relevant subject matter, offering hard science and detailed technical content that really enables students to get to grips with the core of the industry.

If you are studying whilst working, the flexibility of the programmes can actually play to the strengths of many people. It can enable them to dig deep into the research and statistics that are available, which they can then explore further in their day-to-day work. Everything you learn in the degree is backed up by a wealth of resources, and the knowledge you gain can be applied to your work to gain a deeper understanding of bringing together the theory and the practical.


Students in an agricultural degree programme must learn how to convey complex ideas in a clear and effective way. This is done through a number of means, from writing papers to making presentations and crafting proposals. The work you don in an agricultural career will involve things like talking with clients, explaining sophisticated concepts to business stakeholders and delegating tasks to the appropriate employees, so communication is an important skill when you work in agriculture.

The engaging and interactive nature of agricultural degree programmes is designed to help students not only learn the crucial knowledge but communicate it well. You will learn to improve your written communications, and also how to present and deliver the appropriate information to whomever you are required to communicate with in the business. The tools you gain from your degree programme set you up to make a bigger impact in your work, and this is a key element of a successful career in agriculture or any other industry.

Working with technology

Whether you are required to utilise software to perform an analysis of seasonal crop yields, to making scientific choices about breeding livestock based on genetic profiles, you need to be literate in agricultural technology. The modern world is bringing ever-greater innovations to the technology at the disposal of agriculture, from AI to Big Data, and from more sophisticated agricultural machinery to piloting drones. The is an abundance of opportunities to apply modern technologies to optimise and improve the performance of any agricultural setting, and this means there is a demand for individuals with the skills to use those technologies.

Students in modern agricultural degrees are provided with opportunities to learn about how the latest technologies are being employed in the industry. If your company is entering a new field of Big Data, you will be really glad to have learned all about it in your degree programme - this could increase your value as an employee and open doors for promotions into higher roles.

Technology has always been an essential part of agriculture on any scale, and today there are more advanced technologies than ever before. This means new opportunities for roles in agriculture companies, and the people that fill these roles will be the ones who have studies agriculture and learnt the highly specialised skills demanded by the latest technologies.

An agricultural degree programme can build a broad base of essential skills that can lead to exciting and unique career opportunities. These opportunities extend to agricultural niches and beyond, with transferable skills that could open doors right across the board. If you are looking to develop your professional credentials and increase your prospects with agricultural jobs, you should consider whether a degree in an agricultural field might be of value to you.

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