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What is a career like in agricultural sales?

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Going into sales is perhaps not an agriculture job many consider, but a lot of people go into sales and make a huge success of it. Agricultural sales may seem like an unusual career path. For many who are considering a career in agriculture, a career in sales may not have even been considered a possibility. Despite this, there is a lot of positives to take from looking at a career in agricultural sales.

A lot of the perception of sales is the idea of the salesperson almost bullying a potential customer into buying something they don't want. Agricultural sales and a career within that sector is a lot more nuanced and is more about building good relationships and looking ahead at possible market changes to improve the service you can provide.

Specifically, a sales job within the food and farming industry is more focused on building relationships and technical expertise. The agricultural industry is of huge importance in the UK and this role reflects that importance. A salesperson in the agricultural industry will have a positive relationship with the local community; this means that a farmer will know who they are and can trust their advice and respect them as individuals.

For those that are looking at sales as a possible career path or are just looking to learn a little more about the role, we are going to outline what to expect from a career in agricultural sales.

Technical Knowhow

A lot of those that look at sales often are under the false impression that is simply a case of taking orders. It is more about the technical sell, primarily working with a business in identifying their needs and then researching and offering solutions.

Farmers will rely on the information that salespeople can provide, using their area of expertise to talk through several options with farmers.

An example of this would be in the use of equipment. If a farmer requires a specialist piece of equipment, perhaps a tractor, a salesperson can't just focus on areas like commission and what is in stock, but must carefully consider the needs of that farm.

There are several factors that a salesperson would review, such as the farm's location and the type of farming it does. Then, the salesperson would need to review the technical specifications of the available tractors and whether they would suit the work required.

This is why building an excellent and trusting relationship with the farm is vital. It allows a salesperson to be confident in making their recommendations based on their technical knowledge.


If someone is contemplating a career in sales in farming then they need to have an excellent understanding of British agriculture and the realities that farmers face daily.

Communication is vital, in particular, taking the time to listen, so that they then ask the right questions, process the answers, and can relate those questions to the customer. It is of vital importance that they build trust and rapport.

Communication is key when it comes to ensuring that the businesses a salesperson works with are confident in the salesperson's abilities.


Some of the other traits that would be required for someone looking into this as a career include resilience and organisation. They need to have the ability to be able to organise and present information, ensuring that it is done so in a professional manner.

Resilience is important. If you're working in sales, you will need to learn to deal with being told 'no'. For those that are just starting in this role, it can take time to build a base of customers and contacts and there is a lot of perseverance needed to build trust with those contacts.


Working as a salesperson does put you in an excellent position for future roles that aren't necessarily within the agricultural industry. This is due to the transferable skills you would gain from the role. You could take these skills with you into different customer-focused jobs.

This is because key ingredients of the role, such as being able to influence others, deliver positive messages, and organise, can apply to a broad range of different jobs in the future.

Working as a salesperson within this field will also give an individual a chance to experience many different aspects of the agricultural industry as well. Perhaps even identifying a niche that they wish to focus on more.


Needless to say, the attraction of a sales role is salary. The salary that is on offer for a sales position is something that many people could be drawn to. Between businesses, there is a range of different amounts, but some directors have been paid £80,000 or more.

For feed specialists and agronomists, they may not think about working in sales, but selling is a massive part of the role. Those that are performing well, with a base of dedicated and loyal customers, could potentially earn around £100,000 per annum.

Of course, you must set your expectations; you are more likely to be earning between £35,000 and £60,000, but it does illustrate the potential earnings you could see from the role.

There is a range of benefits to a sales role as well, such as a company car and the freedom to manage your diary and time. This is because salespeople are paid based on results, so there is no need to account for every second.

Of course, a role in sales is a results-focused role. You are paid on your targets and are measured by how you perform against those targets. For some, this is a challenge that they thrive on, but for others, it would be something they may struggle with.  It is important to carefully consider these factors when contemplating a career in sales.

For agricultural recruitment, sales offers a diverse range of opportunities for those looking at the industry. Often, when people think of sales, they get the wrong impression. The truth is that sales in the agricultural industry offers a broad range of areas for someone to explore.

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