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Agricultural jobs affected by Covid-19

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There is no doubt, Covid-19 will create long-lasting impacts in a range of industries, including agricultural. Demand for farm produce is higher than ever, and with farms unable to receive their usual seasonal workers from abroad, demand for agricultural employees is high. You can read more about this demand in our <a href="">previous blog post.</a> With such a high demand for employees, it can be overwhelming for individuals just entering the agricultural industry to know which job role will be right for them. Below we list just some of the job roles that have been made even more important by Covid-19 and what benefits they each offer.

Agricultural supply chain management

If you have an agricultural degree or a degree in logistics and management, this could be the perfect role for you. Due to Covid-19, there are now more restriction than ever about how food should be transported, stored and distributed. Working in supply chain management will allow you to creatively problem solve food transportation, dispersal and storage issues. This role is ideal for someone with a passion for problem-solving who considers themselves to be very organised.

Agricultural food scientist

Naturally, with the ongoing pandemic, people are more concerned than ever about where their food has come from and how it has been handled. The role of an agricultural food scientist is to study the physical and chemical properties of farm produce and ensure it is safe for human consumption, e.g. it has not been contaminated. A degree in biochemistry, food science, microbiology or similar will be required for a career as a food scientist.

Fruit picking and vegetable harvesting

If you have recently found yourself unemployed, or are being forced to take temporary time off work due to Covid-19, finding work as a fruit or vegetable picker will be an effective way to spend your time. No previous work experience is needed, but if you have worked in a fast-paced industry before, e.g. bartender or factory worker, you may find yourself well suited to the role.

Agricultural inspector

As many farms and agricultural businesses will bring in new employees to meet the high demand for produce, it is important the standards of a company do not slip. For this reason, the role of an agricultural inspector will be more important than ever to ensure companies continue to meet strict regulations and new employees are properly trained. A health and safety-related qualification will help you to secure an agricultural inspector role, but a degree is not necessarily required.

Operations manager

The role of the operations manager is to ensure employees have a safe, positive environment to work in and oversee everyday operations to ensure processes are being completed as efficiently as possible. With many new employees being introduced into the agricultural industry, there will be greater demand for operations management roles to be fulfilled, to ensure businesses can continue to operate efficiently and have a positive work atmosphere even in light of current global events.

Technical sales manager

Farms and agricultural facilities across the UK want to ensure their crops can be dispersed across the country where required, to help meet the demand for produce fairly. The role of a technical sales manager involves making connections with suppliers around the UK and ensuring a farm has the connections it needs to sell and distribute their produce as efficiently as possible. Experience in agricultural work is often desired in this role, but a financial degree will also be seen as beneficial.

Ready to take the next step?

If any of the above roles sound like they may be right for you, here are the next steps you should take…

• Update your CV

Update your CV with any information you believe makes you suitable for a role in agriculture. Even if you have not had a role in the agricultural sector before, many skills you may have used in previous jobs will be transferable, e.g. time management, teamwork, etc, so you should include these on your CV. Ask a friend or family member to read your CV to ensure it contains no mistakes or typos.

• Contact a reliable agricultural recruitment company

Reach out to Agricultural Recruitment Specialists if you’d like more information about a specific job role or working in the agricultural industry. Alternatively, you can use the Agricultural Recruitment Specialists search function to find relevant agricultural jobs to you or in your local area.

• Research the company/job role

Once you have found a job role you think you are well suited to, carefully research the company and the job role so you have a complete picture of the industry and role you are applying for. Tailor your CV to ensure the skills highlighted in the job description can be found on your CV, though you cannot claim to have certain skills if you do not have evidence to support your statement. For example, it is not enough to simply state you are hard-working, you should provide evidence in your CV of your work ethic, e.g. exceeded your monthly sales targets etc.

• Apply for the job role

Once you are confident you have found the right job role, apply for the position and await feedback. During this time you should continue to research the company and stay updated with the latest development in the agricultural industry so you will be well prepared should you be asked to interview for the role.

Contact Agricultural Recruitment Specialists

During these unprecedented times, it can help to have an expert recruitment company to look to for advice and guidance. Agricultural Recruitment Specialists are on-hand during this difficult time to offer you the help you need to secure a role within the agricultural industry, no matter what your qualifications or previous experience are.
For more information about any of the aforementioned roles or one of the many other positions we have available, do not hesitate to get in contact with us today.

If you're looking for work in the agricultural sector, Agricultural Recruitment Specialists can help you find the right niche in the UK, Europe and beyond. We can assist in finding which doors are open for you with your specific background and even advice on what you could do to improve your prospects.

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