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Agricultural recruitment driven by technology

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Agriculture’s position as one of the leaders in using Big Data and the Internet of Things to create business transformation, is having a significant effect on recruitment.

It means that any company or farm which focuses too heavily on current business requirements, can be quickly left behind as their competitors may well be taking a far more long-term view when filling vacancies.

Big Data and the IoT

At one time, job specifications for agricultural recruitment could be created without even a passing thought to the candidates’ familiarity with technology.

Now, the numbers of posts that require computer literacy and data-related skills is growing rapidly. From ground care jobs to agricultural banking jobs, technology-related skills are going from “desired” to “mandatory”.

It could be argued that farming was one of the earliest industries to adopt new opportunities for connectivity and analysis. Technology is certainly transforming modern food growth and animal husbandry.

Smart technology is being increasingly used to better manage natural resources, reduce environmental impact and increase economic profitability of farms.

The Internet of Things enables sensors to be placed strategically, to collect data from around business enterprises. These can measure milk yields, soil properties, crop storage conditions, water conservation and energy consumption to name but a few.

It's also now possible to benchmark this localised information against huge data sets from farming across the Globe.

Modern analysis techniques mean drilling down on agriculture threats and opportunities too. There can be ever more detailed forensic analysis of how the farm is operating, to plan out improvements. Predictive modelling is enabling agriculture to look ahead with far greater confidence and insight.

Where are the agricultural workforce of tomorrow coming from?

All of this technological advancement provides UK agriculture with far greater potential to become leaner and more agile.

However, it relies on one thing that all business sectors are struggling with: where do you find recruits with the right experience, understanding and skills to harness technology's increasing power?

Simply recruiting an army of computer experts and data scientists is missing one key component. Using Big Data and the IoT to maximum effect, you need to know where you are now, and where you are heading. This requires an understanding of agriculture, as well as technology.

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