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The Importance of Farm Support Services

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Agriculture is a huge industry and isn’t restricted to farmers alone. Farm support services, also known as agricultural support services, are extremely important in helping farmers flourish. In addition to boosting productivity, farm support services help with challenges farms may face and encourage growth.

Agricultural Credit and Financing

One way to strengthen farming and increase productivity is to provide smaller farmers with credit that will help them invest in technology or materials and ultimately grow. When smaller farmers don’t have the funds for self-financing, the only option that remains is going to a bank and applying for a loan. However, this process is often unsuccessful because of needs for collateral and extensive paperwork and red tape.

Additionally, bank loans usually charge high interest rates that smaller farmers are simply unable to afford. Agricultural credit and financing help the industry by providing financing options other than a direct bank loan.

One such option includes linking credit through groups so that cost of credit appraisal is lowered. Another option is to encourage loans from smaller money lenders who can allow farmers to get loans at low interest rates. This ensures that they’re able to afford the interest. Not only does this increase opportunities for farmers, but it also helps them avoid red tape.

Agricultural Research

Agricultural research and development are an extremely important part of farm support services since they further the industry as a whole. In recent years, agricultural technology has not only solved a number of problems but has also resulted in increased productivity and increased output per hectare.

Jobs in agricultural research are especially necessary because of the current state of the world. With climate change and issues like water scarcity and soil erosion, agricultural research jobs are more important than ever. Therefore, fields like sustainability, diversification, and conservation have really benefited from agricultural research.

Advances in agricultural research have also significantly improved the field of animal agriculture. With technology like artificial insemination, animal immunisation, embryo transfers, and genetic engineering, animal farming has come further than ever before.

Agricultural Extension

Agricultural extension refers to reducing the gap between potential and actual yield in farming. It also applies to technology and information and focuses on providing resources to help increase production. Agricultural extension is especially important when it comes to informing farmers about current research findings and the latest technology available. It should be noted that agricultural extension includes training, diversification, and development.

Agricultural Consultation

While farmers are knowledgeable about their work, nobody is an expert in every single field. This creates the need for experts to share their knowledge with farmers. These areas of expertise can include soil, pesticide management, weed management, plants, what is being grown, and more.

Ultimately, agricultural consultants can help farmers optimise their practices and can help increase both, profitability and yield. Additionally, these services can be extremely helpful because they’re personalised. They don’t provide farmers with generic information, but instead, help them make the best use of their unique resources and situation.

Agricultural consultants are also known as Farm Management Specialists and can work in a variety of places within the agriculture industry. This includes non-government organisations (NGOs) but can also include government jobs and private for-profit companies.

Agricultural Equipment

Farm support services include the provision of equipment and other supplies. This includes everything from sourcing equipment (rentals and sales), repairing equipment, and hiring equipment contractors. Modern equipment is an important provision because of its ability to increase productivity and efficiency.

Specialised Services

Other support services include those that handle particular processes of farming, including specialised processes such as soil preparation, breeding, crop protection, choosing crop varieties, etc.

Agricultural Marketing

Agricultural marketing includes processes involved in transferring agricultural output from farmers to the consumer. Not only does it help farmers get fair compensation for their work, but it also helps them better understand the needs of the consumer, which, in turn, helps them provide the right products in the right quantities.

Jobs in agricultural marketing allow individuals to contribute to agricultural development and economic growth. Agricultural marketing also results in increased efficiency and cuts out the middlepersons so that farmers benefit from better prices.

One of the most important aspects of marketing is widening the audience, and this is no different for marketing in the agricultural industry. Agricultural marketing is one of the most important farm support services because it helps increase market share and increases the farmer’s income.

Of course, marketing isn’t limited to just sales and advertisements, but includes a variety of other agricultural jobs, including working in packaging, transport, shipping, wholesale, distribution, brokering, and butchering. When it comes to agricultural marketing, there are a number of jobs out there suitable for people from all kinds of backgrounds. Search through job listings here to see if your dream job in agricultural marketing is available.

Agricultural Recruitment in Farm Support Services

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