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Management Job Roles in the Agriculture Industry

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​The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a career in agriculture is probably vast farmlands and tractors. While that is a part of the industry, it is one of many. The agriculture industry is as dynamic and diverse as it gets and there are a variety of job types in it.

If you have always felt more inclined towards managerial parts but are also passionate about the agricultural field, there are several opportunities for you. Managerial job roles in the agriculture industry are also spread across several categories. Therefore, no matter what your specialisation, you will likely find a role that is perfect for you.

Management Jobs in the Agriculture Industry

Following are some of the most popular and lucrative management job roles in the agriculture industry that you can explore and build a career out of.

Operations Manager

An operations manager for an agriculture-related business can have a variety of responsibilities depending on the division they are handling. The operational aspect of the business includes feed mills, grain elevators, storage, etc.

As an operations manager, your job will be to manage the running of either all of those aspects for a small business or one of them for a large business. You will be responsible for overseeing their operations, transitions, and departmental communication necessary for coordination.

It is intensive but lucrative and will help you kick start your management career with great packages.

Forestry Manager

Forestry managers are responsible for forest preservation, protection, and management. Although this function has not received the focus it deserves, the recent focus on sustainability, the demand for forestry managers will likely increase.

As a forestry manager, your job may involve working on either public or privately owned forested areas for maintenance or preservation. You will also be able to offer expert services to real estate brokers for land assessment. This role will involve you assessing the health and types of trees growing in the area to give your client its estimated worth.

In more senior roles, you can supervise a team and allocate portions for them to manage to optimize efficiency. This job is perfect for you if you enjoy working with nature, including plants, soils, insects, etc. However, this promotion will come after you can showcase communication skills and have gained significant expertise and project management skills to guide a team of professionals.

Farm Manager

The UK has seen a gradual increase in the percentage of agricultural land in the past decade or so, increasing the workload of an average farmer. The added workload makes it difficult for them to also handle the management aspects of the job.

This has led to the need for farm managers who are expected to keep track of the numbers, targets, resources, etc. The perfect candidates for the job are those with farming experience because it helps them understand the operational needs of the farm and manage accordingly.

If you want to ascend to a managerial position, you need to exhibit your ability to multitask, knowledge of farming operations, and communication and problem-solving skills.

Horticulture Consultant

Horticulture consultants leverage their knowledge and experience in the agriculture industry to advise farmers, nurseries, botanical gardens, etc. on matters of crop development and growth.

Like most consultants, you will need to first have some experience in several divisions of agriculture to first know about the operational dynamics of each of them. Your consultancy will involve offering business and technical advice regarding crop selection, management, and so on.

Additionally, you will also need to know about the needs and feasibility of commercial plantation and landscaping to offer guidance to park management or clients working in similar businesses.

As a consultant, you can start your own business or work for an existing organisation. Both would be amazing for your career development and to help you to explore exceptional learning possibilities within the industry.

Estate Manager

Estate managers can have a variety of responsibilities depending on client needs. They may need to work with task forces with both farmers and gardeners to manage land that includes a little bit of both. They may also get projects for the maintenance and sustenance of the gardens and plantations of historical or modern estates.

However, the scope of responsibilities for estate managers is far more flexible. They need to have excellent planning and related knowledge to work with elements outside of plants and related machinery.

Estate owners looking to modernize their outdoor space will need you to present refurbishing plans, project costing and financial planning, site evaluations, and manage staff. You may also need to organise a team of contractors when needed.

Overall, this job role will utilise your agricultural expertise and explore extensively different forms of management.

Scope of Agriculture in the UK

Agriculture employed a total of 428,000 people in the UK in 2019 and is estimated to be valued at approximately £3230 million by 2023. Several people from agriculture also become a part of the food industry which employs 13.3% of the total workforce in the country.

Overall, agriculture is an exciting industry to be a part of, especially right now. Climate change has put much of the world in a state of flux and the agriculture industry is no exception.

Climate Change’s Impact

With rapid climate change calling for research and innovation to develop sustainable solutions, agriculture is becoming more and more innovative. Regenerative agriculture has only recently been explored but has already become crucial for future planning and forecasting.

Whether you choose management or non-management roles, you will find an ample number of opportunities to develop your career and grow as a professional.

How to Look for Management Jobs in Agriculture

Looking for management jobs in agriculture may not be difficult but it will be difficult to find the ones that best fit your needs and expertise. Like we mentioned previously, the management roles cover all aspects of the field and you will likely have the experience and expertise for one or two of the divisions.

To find management job roles in the agriculture industry, you need to rely on job portals that specialise in recruitment for this industry specifically. The recruiters behind them have experience in the industry which allows them to properly understand your skillset and client requirements. They use this knowledge to connect you to the client who needs your expertise for the job.

Apply for Jobs

If you are looking for management jobs in the agriculture industry, visit this job search and start the process. You will be able to select your region, input your set of skills and search for job roles that fit your skills and requirements perfectly. As well as registering for the latest job alerts.

In case you have any questions about the process or further queries, you can also contact us. Your experience is incredibly important for us and one of our team members will reach out to you at their earliest to address your queries or concerns.