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Why Agriculture and Farming Is a Popular Career Choice

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Agriculture and farming have recently seen a spike in job demand in the UK, with more and more students choosing to make a career out of them. According to statistics, there has been a 4.6% increase in the enrolment for agriculture and related degrees. This growth makes it one of the fastest-growing ones in the market.

The demand isn’t one-sided either. There has been a massive increase in the demand for talent in the industry as well which means the field has job opportunities fresh graduates can capitalise on. 96% of the 2013-2014 graduates of the Harper Adams University were employed within six months of their graduation, which further goes on to show that the industry is growing overall.

However, this growth isn’t simply a matter of there being job opportunities. There are ample reasons why an increasing percentage of students are considering careers in agriculture and farming.

Why Agriculture and Farming are Popular Career Choices

The agriculture and farming industry has always had the potential to grow because of the sheer nature of its need and dynamics. Although it has taken some time for this industry's significance to become apparent, it is now charging ahead. Following are some of the main reasons for its popularity.

1.     Well Paying Jobs

What surprises many people who are not aware of the market dynamics of the industry is that it has some of the best-paying jobs to offer. Agriculture and farming require in-depth knowledge which can only be acquired by completing full degree programs in the field.

Given the nature of work, skills, and expertise required of them, agriculture graduates and professionals have base knowledge that is crucial for them to be efficient and effective during their careers.

Due to the irreplaceability of their knowledge, agricultural and farming graduates often receive lucrative packages and are financially quite stable.

2.     Diverse Career Opportunities

One of the most attractive aspects of this field is its sheer diversity. Students who graduate with an agriculture or farming degree can opt for the following careers eventually:


  • Food Sciences

  • Food Research

  • Agricultural Research

  • Agriculture Management

  • Farming Management

  • Agricultural Technologies

  • Regenerative Agriculture

  • Nutritional Therapist


  • Production Manager

  • Toxicologist

  • Estate Management

These divisions are only a few of the many diverse careers a degree in agriculture and farming will open you up to.

3.     Involvement of Advanced Research

Due to the constantly changing global dynamics and needs, agriculture always has a research scope. This makes it a great industry for people who are interested in becoming a researcher and like exploring and discovering novel and ground-breaking concepts.

4.     Industry Growth Prospects

Agriculture and farming is an industry that has always been in demand and will continue remaining in demand. The UK's population has been growing consistently since the 2000s and was 68.2 million at the end of 31st May 2021.

The more the population grows, the greater the food needs are going to be. This is an important reality that has led to industry growth and presents a promising future for UK graduates who will get to take advantage of this opportunity.

5.     Technological Integration

Agriculture is heavily integrated with some of the most advanced technology. It has also continued to strive towards designing even better technology to improve production and encourage sustainability.

If you are passionate about technological innovation and machinery, you will easily get to explore these passions as an agriculture engineer or technologist. Their job is to operate, repair, maintain existing machines, or work on new technologies that can offer innovation to the market.

6.     Need for Talent

Like we mentioned earlier, there is extensive scope in the industry for talented graduates. The field not only offers multiple and diverse career opportunities but also offers extensive growth and career development.

This growth is especially true for research capabilities because the agriculture and farming industry is continuously seeking improved techniques for crop management forestry, increasing capacity, etc. Therefore you can rest assured that it is very difficult for this industry to become saturated enough for you to find it difficult to get a job.

7.     Scope for Sustainability

One of the best parts about the industry is that it is actively moving towards sustainability. The agriculture and farming industries are some of the top industries responsible for the production of greenhouse gases (GHG). However, unlike several other industries, this industry ends up bearing the direct brunt of climate change for often than not.

This problem has led industry leaders to realise the need for sustainability and they have been pushing for research to discover new and more sustainable ways to farm.

Most Lucrative Careers in Agriculture and Farming

Now that you know of the main reasons why careers in agriculture and careers in farming are becoming so popular, let’s look at some of the most lucrative careers:

  • Food Scientist

  • Agronomist

  • Forestry Management

  • Agriculture Operations Management

  • Farm Management

  • Environmental Engineer

  • Agriculture and Farming Technologist

The careers mentioned above are those with the highest industrial demand and the best compensation packages.

Overall, careers in agriculture and farming are a sensible choice in this day and age. Not only is it practical, but it is also a field that will allow you to grow and branch out in a diverse range of careers while compensating you handsomely for your expertise.

Finding Jobs in the Agriculture and Farming Industry

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