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Job Opportunities in Agricultural Economics

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Agricultural economics, also known as agroeconomics, is a part of agriculture that uses marketing and economic principles in agricultural businesses, markets and policies. By analysing the distribution of different resources and all the factors that influence agricultural production and the agriculture economy, those in agroeconomics are able to both, maximize profitability whilst remaining mindful of environmental impact. Agricultural economics uses market data and statistics to analyse the agricultural economy but can also be applied in a variety of other fields, including agribusiness, policy making, finance, and environmental sustainability. Jobs for agricultural economics graduates can include the following;

Agricultural Insurance

An agribusiness or agroeconomics degree can also help you become an agriculture insurance agent. This requires working with individuals, companies, livestock and food producers, and farmers to assess risk and suggest insurance options. Knowledge of the ins and outs of agricultural businesses and different crops is required, as is the knowledge of the different types of insurance available.

Agricultural Lending

Agricultural lending involves working in banks and helping farmers apply for loans to start or expand their businesses. Agricultural economics involves knowledge of the allocation of resources and can be used to provide solutions and evaluate loan risk. Agricultural economics degrees and agribusiness degrees are usually required for these jobs.

Agricultural Appraisal

Agricultural appraisers are used to determine the value of a farm when it is being developed, insured, sold, or mortgaged, and includes the evaluation of land, machinery, and other things that come with the farm. Both, field work and office work, are required, and the end result is a thorough report detailing the value of the property and everything that’s on it. Appraisers can work privately, or through banks and insurance companies.

Import and Export

Import and export agents can help secure and market agricultural goods in their own country or a foreign country. Work is available as contractors, permanent jobs suppliers, wholesalers and buyers. Those who are familiar with agribusiness can do especially well because of the focus on international marketing and sales.


Food distribution is another job that those with agroeconomics degrees can pursue. In addition to being responsible for sourcing food, food distribution managers are also in charge of transportation, logistics and sales. Employers can include private customers, food manufacturers, or grocery stores and the job requires maintaining a secure supply chain and overseeing prices.

Agricultural Policy

Agricultural policy analysts work on examining research on various agricultural programs to inform the development of policies regarding food, agricultural processes, farming, land use and zoning. Opportunities are available in the public and private sectors, as well as in non-profit organizations.

Agricultural Development

This is an agricultural economics job that allows for travelling, making it perfect for those who love to explore. Agricultural development officers can work in the UK or elsewhere in the world to increase agricultural activity and output. Employers can be government agencies, private parties, and non-profit organisations, and the job requires making important resource distribution decisions, agricultural plans, and supervision. International opportunities can involve employing best practices and ensuring nations’ access to resources to promote agricultural production and advancement.

Research and Academia

As with all agricultural fields, there are plenty of options for those interested in research and education. Graduate and doctoral level research positions can be found in universities, private labs, and even government agencies. This is one of the most lucrative jobs in the field.

For those who prefer academics, agricultural economics can be taught in colleges, universities, and trade schools. In addition to agricultural economics, you can teach courses on agribusiness and other agricultural specialties. Because this involves imparting knowledge to the next generation of agroeconomics graduates, this is an especially fulfilling career choice.


Consulting jobs are common, with both, permanent and freelancing jobs available. A lot of agricultural economists also start their own consulting firms and address the following subjects;

Agroeconomics Consulting

This involves analysing market trends and other data to predict economic conditions in the agricultural industry and can help various companies make business decisions.

Agribusiness Consulting

Agribusiness consultants use their knowledge of agricultural economics and market trends to provide advice to clients about land use, crop choice, agricultural business strategies, and resource management. Areas of expertise include farm management, finance, forestry, controlling pollution, and crop rotation and goals include both, profitability and sustainability. Consulting jobs are available in both, the public and private sector.

Environmental Economics

Jobs for agricultural economics graduates also include positions in environmental economics. With their experience in resource allocation, candidates can work on and form policies regarding extraction of natural resources, environmental consequences, and distribution of common resources such as water.

Sustainable Agriculture

Those with degrees in agricultural economics and agribusiness can also work in sustainable agriculture to benefit not only individual businesses, but the planet as a whole. In addition to policy making, this includes climate change mitigation, deciding on access to resources, and navigating environmental concerns while trying to optimize output.

Pursue Careers in Agricultural Economics

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