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Food and Fresh Produce Jobs in the UK

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The food sector is one of the most important of all of Britain's industries, employing 13% of the total workforce in the UK in 2020. It is also one of the most lucrative industries, earning more than £121 billion annually for the country.

Given its significance, it is an attractive sector for employment in the UK for people from several disciplines, especially those with agricultural or farming backgrounds. Food and fresh produce jobs in the UK tend to be more commercial, but employees need agricultural expertise to perform them well.

This blog post will help you understand why having a career in the industry is the right choice and what jobs are available in the food and fresh produce industry.

Why You Should Consider a Career in Food and Fresh Produce Sector

The food and fresh produce sectors are some of the most dynamic ones in the industry, and there are several reasons for jobs in these sectors being excellent;

1.Diverse Job Opportunities

Aside from needing agricultural or farming knowledge and expertise, the sectors also need excellent logistical support, management and engineering to operate. These needs create diverse job opportunities within the industries and allow you to choose a role that aligns best with your skills and capabilities.

Another benefit of this diversity is that it helps people get the chance to switch their career paths more easily if they don’t feel comfortable with their first choice.

2.Potential for Innovation

The food industry, like agriculture, is constantly at the centre of innovation because we need to find new, more sustainable methods to manage it. Hence, depending on which specialisation you select, you can become a part of this creative approach and innovation.

It will keep you interested in the work that revolves around creativity and help you contribute to the future of society extensively.


The food and fresh produce sectors have been some of the most resilient of all industries in the world. They have been at the centre of wars, famines, droughts, etc., but have always come through and thrived despite the odds.

Considering the rising uncertainty and doubt in current times, leaning towards a career in the food industry is a wise choice for most young people. These industries are essential and need-based, and they will persist through all challenges and uncertainties. After all, we have to eat in order to survive.

4.Future Prospects

In the wake of Brexit, the agriculture and food industry have become even more prominent, with several economists claiming that these sectors are the key to stability. It may take time to discover how true that statement is; however, we know that the food and fresh produce industry will need to step up to cover the food supply deficits caused due to Brexit.

Hence, the industry will need younger employees to maintain itself and work efficiently to ensure demand meets supply.

Food and Fresh Produce Jobs in the UK

If you want to follow your passion for food and fresh produce and pursue a career in these industries, we suggest looking into the following job opportunities:

1.Food Scientist

As a food scientist, your job will be to work on testing food products and combinations to discover if they are successful or not. Your primary responsibility will be to work with authorities like FDA or with similar organisations to ensure that all consumable products entering the market are safe for consumption.

2.Production Manager

A production manager is primarily concerned with the operational and production part of the fresh produce or food products. Your role will require you to communicate with vendors and internal teams to ensure you have all the raw material you need and that production is running safely.

You will also be responsible for supervising the interrelated components in the production process through task delegation to make sure everything runs smoothly.

3.Supply Chain Manager

A supply chain or logistics manager is responsible for planning and executing procurement strategy while also finding the optimal method of supplying products to clients or customers.

Your role will be direct contact with the production team, sales team, and marketing team. Your role will coordinate between these teams and work with clients and vendors to create a profitable supply chain process for the company or organisation.

4.Quality and Food Safety Manager

While food scientists work with authorities, quality control, and food safety are also required at company levels. As a quality or food safety manager, your role will create an efficient testing strategy to prevent food from becoming spoiled or contaminated.

The role will also involve a quality check of production facilities to determine if they are following all the safety regulations and notifying senior management of any changes that might be necessary.

5.NPD Technologist

Short for New Product Development Technologist, an NPD Technologist is responsible for testing flavours and food combinations to develop new recipes. The job is ideal for people who have a passion for food and don't mind the experimentation part of the process.

You will need to have specialisations for the job because it requires extensive knowledge about human biology and biochemical reactions. This knowledge will help you work with elements that do not combine to become toxic.


Becoming a chef or baker is one of the best ways of exploring your passion for food and cooking. It is a challenging job, but it also offers the perfect combination of technical and creative skills, letting you experiment and innovate to your heart's desire.

How Agricultural Recruitment Specialists Can Help

Agricultural Recruitment Specialists are a recruitment consultancy that specialises in that specialises in recruitment and jobs for people in food and/or the fresh produce sector. We are passionate about to connecting the brightest candidates with the best matching jobs and employers that require their set of skills and expertise.

If you are interested in looking for food and fresh produce jobs in the UK, use our job portal for the process. You can also contact us if you have any questions, and our team will respond as soon as possible.