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UK Agricultural and Farming Jobs

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The recent Covid pandemic has overhauled several industries, resulting in a change in the supply and demand for jobs. You may have started to notice that agricultural jobs are gaining more traction than they used to and this phenomenon is spreading across the UK.

Agricultural and farming jobs have always been a key part of the UK economy, responsible for just over 1% of the country’s total employment and several million pounds in annual revenue. However, the recent shake up has pushed up its demand and revealed the latest positions with the highest potential.

Why the Agricultural Industry is Gaining Importance

Three major factors have impacted the agricultural industry and the effects are likely to carry forward in the future.

1. Climate Change

Climate change has been a concern for several years, but its impact has become increasingly obvious over the last couple of years. From the London flooding to forest fires in Australia, the US and Turkey, the consequences of climate inaction are starting to wreak devastation.

Since agriculture is one of the closest commercial industries to the environment, it has become central to the fight against climate change. Scientists and policymakers are trying their best to allow innovation in the industry to attain sustainability.

2. The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic led to several job losses and people often had to move out of their homes because they could no longer afford the rent/mortgage on them. With the economy squeezing further due to the resulting chaos, many turned to farming, leading to an average 357% increase in farming jobs.

People are becoming seasonal fruit pickers, vegetable pickers, opting for other farming jobs, etc., to meet ends and ensure that they have enough work and income in order to get by. Thankfully, the market has also needed these services and has easily absorbed this new trend.

3. Brexit

Brexit was recently finalised and the changes have already started becoming evident. The agricultural industry has become central to stability during the change process, prompting more jobs to open up in the sector to balance the greater need.

Another reason Brexit has led to an increase in farming jobs is because a significant percentage of seasonal farm workers are no longer returning, resulting in short staffing.

The combined impact of all three has put agriculture back into focus, making it an attractive industry to seek jobs in, as there are lots of jobs available.

Agricultural and Farming Jobs in the UK

The industry will be playing a prominent role in helping the UK economy to stabilise. Keeping this factor in mind, the following are the agricultural and farming jobs with the best-earning potential and demand.

  • Food Scientist

A food scientist typically works with authorities responsible for providing approvals for food safety. They use their expertise in agriculture and biology to study the impact of a new food product or drug on humans and animals.

If you become a food scientist, you will frequently be responsible for research and testing for safety approvals, or you will be involved with creating new food or nutritional combinations. It is a specialised field, but it offers attractive compensation packages.

  • Agricultural Economist

As the UK starts a new chapter without the EU, it will need to focus on understanding economic trends around the industry and crops to maximise its benefits. As an agricultural economist, your key role will be identifying regional and global agricultural trends and using the knowledge to guide local businesses.

It will help them make profitable decisions and allow UK’s agricultural industry to thrive. Since a thriving agricultural industry can stabilise the country's economic standing, your contribution will have a multi-dimensional impact.

  • Drone Technologist

Precision agriculture and agritech is becoming increasingly important for improving farming and agricultural practices, as well as making processes much easier and more efficient. As a drone technologist, you will be responsible for developing advanced drone mechanisms that help farmers and farm managers monitor the situation on the ground.

The monitoring helps them make timely decisions in case their crops or livestock need attention.

  • Soil and Plant Scientist

Traditional irrigation methods are proving to be less sustainable and we now need specialised care for soil and plants to develop a better way forward. Your responsibilities as a soil and plant scientist will include studying these elements in detail to determine how there are lacking in certain areas.

You will then use research and development to discover alternative practices that we can use to make agriculture more environmentally friendly. A primary example of alternative methods is regenerative farming, the latest practice which attempts to move away from factory farming and deploy more sustainable ways of meeting food needs.

  • Agriculture PR & Communication

The industry is evolving and moving in a new direction. While directly affiliated people will learn about the changes and innovation, outsiders rely on targeted communication to learn about the discoveries, new developments and accomplishments.

By entering agriculture PR/communication, you will remain updated with the latest developments in the industry and find effective ways of communicating them to the public.

It is a critical role because it affects not only public confidence, as well as research funding and improves the overall talent pool. Achieving these goals will increase agricultural jobs further and help the industry to grow.

  • Hydrologist

Water has become a scarce resource, with 30% of the population having no access to clean drinking water. Since agriculture requires significant water levels for crop management and irrigation, we are in even higher need of sustainable water management solutions.

As a hydrologist, your job will be to study water resources and develop optimal plans for water utilisation during farming and agriculture to reduce wastage.

How Agricultural Recruitment Specialists can Help

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