Jeremy Clarkson standing outside his diddly squat shop

Clarkson's Farm Returns for Series Three on Prime Video

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Clarkson's Farm Returns for Series Three on Prime Video

A firm favourite with the Agricultural Recruitment Specialists team, the third season of "Clarkson's Farm" is set to premiere on Prime Video, offering fans a look into the challenges of modern British farming through a new trailer. The first part of the season will debut on May 3, with the second part following on May 10. The entire season will be accessible exclusively on Prime Video in over 240 countries.

The show continues to follow Jeremy Clarkson and his team, including his partner Lisa Logan, and farmhands Kaleb Cooper, Gerald Cooper, and Charlie Ireland, as they manage the unpredictable conditions of their 400-hectare farm in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. This season, they face severe challenges such as crop failures due to extreme weather, skyrocketing supply costs, and potential closures of their farm shop and much-anticipated restaurant.

In response to these difficulties, Clarkson devises new strategies to generate income, focusing on the extensive areas of woodland and hedgerows that comprise half of Diddly Squat Farm. This leads to a competition between Clarkson and Kaleb Cooper to see who can most profitably utilise the farmed and unfarmed land, sparking various money-making ventures involving goats, pigs, mushrooms, nettles, and deer.

The season also introduces new characters, adding dynamics to the team as they assist Clarkson in achieving his farming goals.

Clarkson's Farm Season 3 | Official Trailer | Prime Video