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Initiative Seeks Pig Firms to Develop the Next Generation of Pig Industry Leaders

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Initiative Seeks Pig Firms to Develop the Next Generation of Pig Industry Leaders

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The UK pig industry is always looking for new talent and initiatives like the Pig Industry Scholarship Programme (PISP) play a crucial role in encouraging young people into the sector. Recruitment is currently underway for firms in the pig sector to employ and mentor the next generation, with the application deadline set for 2nd September 2024.

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Shaping Future Leaders in the Pig Sector

Launched in 2012 by AHDB, the National Pig Association, and Harper Adams University, PISP aims to provide young talent with valuable hands-on experience in the pig industry. This initiative has already seen over 50 students complete their placement year within the sector, with many returning to their placement companies after graduation.

Key Objectives of PISP:

  • Skill Development: Helping students acquire practical skills and knowledge.

  • Career Pathways: Offering students a clear pathway into the pig sector.

  • Industry Exposure: Providing insights into the wider food and agriculture industries.

The Benefits of Sponsoring Companies

Participating companies not only contribute to the future of the pig industry but also benefit from priority access to placement-seeking students from Harper Adams University. This collaboration allows businesses to attract and nurture new talent, demonstrating a commitment to upskilling the next generation.

UK food producer Cranswick, a participant in the PISP, has consistently reported positive experiences. “Our students have been happy to participate in a wide range of projects, completing them all to a high standard,” a spokesperson said. “It’s a brilliant opportunity to give students access to not only the pig industry but the wider food industry, and show them the breadth of career opportunities available.”

Key Advantages for Companies:

  • Access to Talent: Early access to motivated and skilled students.

  • Project Contributions: Students contribute significantly to a variety of projects.

  • Industry Insights: Students gain a comprehensive understanding of the business, enhancing their potential as future employees.

The Recruitment Process

Sponsoring companies are now needed for the 2025–2026 academic year. Firms interested in participating must express their interest by 2nd September 2024. This process ensures that companies are matched with students who are eager to learn and contribute to the industry.

Steps to Get Involved:

  • Application: Interested companies need to apply by the deadline.

  • Selection: Sponsoring companies get priority access to placement-seeking students.

  • Mentorship: Companies provide mentorship and practical experience to the students.

Initiatives like the Pig Industry Scholarship Programme are vital for nurturing the next generation of agricultural talent. By participating, companies not only help develop future industry leaders but also benefit from the fresh perspectives and enthusiasm that students bring.

At Agricultural Recruitment Specialists, we are dedicated to connecting the finest agricultural talent with the best brands and organisations worldwide. As the international market leader in recruitment and executive search for agriculture, farming, food, horticulture, and equine sectors, we support initiatives like PISP that foster the growth and development of the industry. Whether you're looking for graduates or experienced professionals, we have the expertise to match you with the right opportunities.

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