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Well Paid Agricultural Jobs in the UK

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Agriculture is an exceptionally diverse field and you will find yourself learning a plethora of exciting new things whilst pursuing your degree. You can read more on agricultural degrees here.

What also makes agriculture the perfect choice for a career are the lucrative job opportunities within the agricultural industry worldwide.

Why Should You Consider a Job in Agriculture?

There are several reasons why the agricultural industry is the right choice for you - if you want to combine your passion for the environment, learning and great pay. Here are some of the reasons that make it an interesting career choice;

1. Diverse Knowledge and Career Paths

The agricultural industry includes farming, livestock, forestry, research and several other divisions. You can see a list of specialisms here.This diversity not only increases your exposure in terms of knowledge but also allows you to select from an extensive range of specialisations based on your specific interests. If you enjoy your work, it is likely that your productivity will be higher, which will help you to progress more quickly.

Also a lot of careers within agriculture have a career path that you can follow, whereby seniority will increase based on performance. From working in a trainee role, right up to a Director level role.

2. Business Applications

The best part about the agricultural industry is that you don't have to stay within the field after graduating. Agriculture has extensive business applications and several managerial and consultancy positions are designed specifically for people with an agriculture background.

You can choose the managerial and business aspects of the field if you find the agriculture field interesting but have a talent for business.

3. Environmental Support

By pursuing a career in agriculture, you can also choose to contribute towards safeguarding the environment, especially given the current climate crisis. If you choose to pursue jobs that are working closely with nature, you can choose a career in forestry or environmental science to explore ways of creating sustainable mechanisms that promote environmental growth. This can be extremely rewarding.

4. Earning Potential

The field is known for having several rewarding career paths with high earning potential. Whilst the best ones are niche and require specialisation, the eventual career prospects and remuneration make them worth the extra effort.

Well Paid Jobs in the Agriculture Industry in the UK

Choosing the agricultural industry for your career is the right decision for the reasons mentioned above. Now, let's look at some of the highest paying agricultural jobs in the UK to give you an idea about the divisions within the industry you need to aim towards for a well-paying career. Here we have looked at some of the highest paying agricultural jobs and careers excluding the typical Director type job roles;

1. Agricultural Research Coordinator

As a researcher, you will be responsible for researching a range of topics that have practical applications in farming, the food industry, nutrition, etc. It is captivating and dynamic and by learning management skills, you can progress further to become a Senior Coordinator, Associate Research Coordinator, through to a Research Coordinator Director.

Since coordinators need several additional skills and knowledge like communication, legal expertise, recruitment etc., they are some of the best-paid professionals in the industry.

2. Agricultural Water Resources Specialist

Clean water is a scarce resource globally and several communities of people have either limited or no access to it. As a water resource specialist, your job is to be an expert in water quality, water supply, as well as the regulations that are set to ensure quality and supply needs are met. You will be involved in solving water-related issues faced by the agricultural and farming industry.

You will also be responsible for working on methods that could help decontaminate water and make it safer to drink. This career path is becoming increasingly crucial as we move further away from preventing a climate crisis as well as the fact that water can become scarcer due to heatwaves and droughts caused by our extreme weather that we have recently experienced.

3. Environmental Engineer

Environmental Engineering is another well paid job in the UK. This job is perfect for people passionate about the environment and its conservation. As an environmental engineer, you can be responsible for using existing technology to develop technical methods to conserve soil health, fight deforestation and to ensure the efficient use of biological resources.

You can also explore the development of sustainable systems that will reduce pollution without intervention. All in all, this career is significant for both the present and the future.

4. Agricultural Engineer

Agricultural engineers can help to design machinery and technology that optimises the farming and agriculture processes. You will work closely with the people on the ground and consider the possibility of designing tools that can improve process efficiency. Alternatively, agricultural engineers can be responsible for existing machinery and technology, including support and repairs. There has been a shortage of qualified Agricultural Engineers in the UK in recent years, which has led to significant salary increases based on the usual law of supply and demand, as well as an increase in the amount of agricultural engineering jobs available.

5.Farm Manager

As a farm manager, you will be responsible for the entire running of the farm, including planning, scheduling, aligning and monitoring farm activities. As well as managing the farm itself, you may also be responsible for managing farm staff and seasonal workers.

It is the perfect mix between business and agriculture and requires you to have on-ground experience within farming before you progress towards the management side. You can find out more about Farm Managementhere.

6. Agricultural Food Scientist

Food scientists play a critical role in the food industry. They are affiliated with the FDA and responsible for testing foods to determine how safe it is for consumption. This could be for human and/or animal consumption. They are also the ones who analyse food samples to determine their nutritional content and determine how long a batch of food can be preserved.

It is a thrilling field, perfect for people who love experiments and are passionate about science and food alike.

Looking for the Best Agricultural Jobs in the UK?

Finding the perfect agricultural job can be challenging, especially since most recruiters approach it from a general perspective and don’t fully understand the diverse career paths within it. If you are looking for a job and most importantly a long-term career in the field, you should choose Agricultural Recruitment Specialists.

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